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LMS, which first appeared in the late 1990s, was mainly used as a system for university education delivery, and since then, it has become especially loved by companies. And today, it is expanding into various targets, purposes, and forms such as corporate LMS and academy LMS. Even now, the LMS market continues to develop, and this time, we will comprehensively look at the meaning, core function, and importance of LMS, starting with an understanding of the meaning and function of LMS, and what needs to be considered when choosing an LMS solution.

What is LMS?

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LMS Meaning and Concept

First of all, let’s look at the meaning of LMS. LMS stands for Learning Management System, which means a system that supports and manages learners’ learning. In other words, LMS meaning can be understood as an online learning assistant that helps digital education activities. LMS is sometimes misunderstood as a system mainly related to schools or academies. In fact, it can be used by all organizations in need of education, such as companies, associations, and public institutions. LMS provides a wide range of learning experiences to a wide range of user groups and supports learners to learn and grow effectively.

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LMS Core Features

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As I summarized the meaning and concept of LMS earlier, LMS is meaningful in identifying learners’ learning stages in digital education and providing customized learning by managing their history. Therefore, the LMS solution includes various tools such as attendance management function, class organization, as well as evaluation function, dashboard function, and practice function. Among them, let’s summarize the three core functions of **LMS that further highlight the benefits of digital education.

1) Customized education support

The LMS solution supports customized education by analyzing learning data such as learner’s performance, history, and preference. In this case, the curriculum can be provided by considering the learner’s goals and business priorities as well as the level of learning of each individual.

2) Opening an online classroom

In addition, various classifications of online classrooms can be opened without space constraints. The classification can be subdivided according to various criteria, such as the learner’s learning stage and interest. In addition, a video live classroom with real-time communication and feedback can be opened to increase learning immersion.

3) Provides a learning data dashboard

Finally, LMS provides a dashboard so that students can grasp their learning level and plan on their own. Here, a system such as a game (ex. points, experience values, etc.) is introduced to motivate learners.

LMS Advantage

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We’ve learned the meaning and core functions of LMS. So what are the benefits of LMS solutions?


LMS solutions enable learners to develop their expertise and competencies efficiently. In addition, since it is conducted with digital education, the cost burden and number of people are low, and the degree of learning can be accurately grasped quantitatively. This allows educators to provide effective education to a large number of people, and learners to listen to customized education and increase learning achievement.

a small space-time constraint

You can access the educational environment through various devices such as mobile and PC, so you can learn anytime, anywhere. This is convenient to work at the same time as you want because you can learn at any time and place.

Centralization of learning materials enables efficient learning management

With LMS, educators can manage learning materials, assignments, schedules, evaluations, and more in one place. They can grasp learners’ progress, organize their learning plans, and update them in real-time. In addition, learners can quench their thirst by having direct access to the educational materials they need.

Provide a customized learning experience

LMS solutions can provide a similar customized learning environment for a large number of people, even if it is not a 1:1 coaching environment. Educators can organize training based on the learner data analyzed by the system, and learners can choose and take only the training they need.

Can quantitatively identify and supplement learning outcomes

The system allows you to take quizzes, assignments, tests, and evaluate them to grasp learning outcomes quantitatively. Through this, educators can diagnose problems with the education they have conducted, and learners can identify and supplement their competencies and deficiencies.

Why LMS Is Important

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As mentioned earlier, the importance of introducing LMS in digital education can be explained in a variety of ways, including reducing costs, supporting learning beyond time and space, efficient management of educational materials, providing customized learning experiences, and identifying convenient outcomes. In fact, many organizations and businesses are utilizing the Learning eXperience Platform (LXP).

Until now, Elice has innovated employee training by providing customized corporate LMS. The introduction of appropriate LMSs into corporate digital education can effectively increase the participation of many learners in education. In addition, the introduction of LMS is more important than expected because it can lead to corporate business performance. This applies not only to corporate LMS but also to academy LMS, and **LMS is the most effective solution to increase learning achievement and educational outcomes in any field.

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Considerations when choosing an LMS solution

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Then, on what criteria should the company and academy LMS solution be selected? Let’s summarize the two items to consider when choosing an LMS solution.

1) Does it offer customization capabilities?

The first thing to consider before introducing a company or academy LMS is ‘Is it possible to customize it for the institution?’. The collectively produced LMS cannot provide a customized learning experience. Therefore, we recommend choosing an LMS solution that can be changed according to your situation.

2) Are you user friendly?

Since there is fatigue in learning and education, both learners and educators should easily use the system for continuous learning. If the company or academy LMS is uncomfortable to use and adds fatigue, it can interfere with learning, so you should choose a user-friendly system. In addition, you can choose an LMS solution by considering various criteria such as cost, scalability, and presence or absence of maintenance services.

LMS 뜻, 디지털 교육, LMS 솔루션, 기업 LMS, 학원 LMS

Considering the above two considerations, **Elice LXP could be a good option as a corporate and academy LMS.**Elice LXP is configured to support platform customization freely and provide intuitive UX/UI, making it easy for first-timers to use. In addition, Flexible hands-on experience, AI dashboard, etc. are provided to help you focus only on learning. More information can be found at the link below.

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So far, we’ve learned about the meaning of LMS used in digital education, its functions and advantages, the importance of introducing academy and corporate LMS, and the considerations when choosing an LMS. We’ve also introduced Elice LXP to those who are considering introducing academy and corporate LMS. We hope this content has helped those who wanted to build academy LMS and corporate LMS.

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