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With the development of technology, how education is administered is changing. Corporate training is no exception. In particular, the digital education sector has grown significantly due to the influence of COVID-19, and it is becoming an important issue to continue to digitize the corporate education system too. At the core of this upheaval is the Learning Management System (LMS). In this module, we will look at what corporate LMS is, why it is gaining attraction, and why it should be introduced into corporate education.

What is LMS?

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LMS stands for Learning Management System, an educational solution that enables you to manage training content, training progress, and performance management on a single system. This solution first appeared in university education in the late 1990s and has since made remarkable progress in the high-demand corporate education market. Enterprise LMS in particular provides a specialized enterprise education environment.

The main functions of the learning management system can be divided into three categories: content management, progress management, and performance analysis. You can store and manage various forms of training content and check and manage the progress of trained staff in real-time. You can also analyze post-training performance to establish future training plans.

Why companies need to introduce LMS

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There are four main reasons why an in-house learning management system is needed. They are as follows: effective training management, customized training delivery, seamless remote training, and enhanced corporate competitiveness.

1. Efficient training management

The introduction of enterprise LMS will bring about increased efficiency in training management. HR managers in charge of corporate training must analyze and organize data for effective corporate training. This is where enterprise LMS comes in, simplifying the management process entirely. Only initial setups such as securing learning materials and organizing lecture plans need to be carried out manually, while student management, lecture management, and data management can be easily carried out through the learning management system. And as the management process becomes simpler and more efficient, costs are also reduced. Like so, enterprise LMS can help reduce costs whilst providing efficient training management.

2. Provides customized training

Second, the corporate earning management system allows for customized training. We can maximize the effectiveness of education by providing educational content according to employees’ work skills and needs. Having your own training solution enables you to plan courses tailored to individual learner speed and preference data. For example, in the case of Elice LXP, a gamified system can be introduced into the LMS and customized by the institution, such as providing points when conditions specified by the enterprise are met. In addition, AI dashboards provide personalized learning and can predict the possibility of completion and other achievements based on students’ learning data, and design student-tailored curriculums.

3. Seamless remote training

Third, smooth remote training is possible, making it easier to manage stored educational materials. The advantage of being able to start learning on a mobile device or tablet anytime, anywhere by simply accessing the platform allows learners to use it without time and space constraints. In addition, archiving, access, and deletion of data can all be handled on one platform, minimizing the handover process.

4. Strengthened corporate competitiveness

Finally, we can improve the competitiveness of the company through corporate training. Corporate training is aimed at reskilling or upskilling employees. This eventually becomes conducive to strong competitiveness in the market. In order to meet effective educational goals, it is necessary to understand learners’ learning progress and provide continuous feedback. Without this sort of management, training can amount to nearly nothing at all. When training is conducted through corporate LMS, training personnel can see its current status at a glance and maximize learning effects. Therefore, efficient management of education using a learning management system is essential to improving corporate competitiveness.

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Changes in LMS Trends and LXP

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Corporate LMS has evolved with the times. The biggest change is the emerging importance of personalized learning experiences. Education systems have moved from manager-centered systems towards learner-centered designs.

LXP is a representative example of this trend. LXP stands for Learning Experience Platform and is a learning experience-oriented education platform. It can curate training content using technologies such as AI and machine learning. Content curation, as well as interface configuration, is included within the scope of personalization. In other words, LXP not only provides various types of content, but also provides customized education according to each learner’s interests, competencies, and shown patterns. Since its debut in 2017, LXP has been very popular. In fact, the LXP-related market has reached $300 million and is growing at an annual rate of 50%

Elice LXP Services

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So far, we have summarized the definition, necessity, and trends of corporate LMS. We confirmed that corporate education is essential to strengthen corporate competitiveness and that the effectiveness of corporate education can be maximized through LMS. Elice LXP delivers upon this trend. The Elice LXP service provides hands-on learning and close tutoring to learners in an immersive, non-contact learning environment, while also providing educators and administrators with libraries, classrooms, and management tools to maximize learner absorption. If you are interested in adopting corporate LMS for effective corporate education, please start with Elice.

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