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Worries Only Slows Growth: Introduction of DX Education

Do you feel like you need to think about DX education now because other companies are doing it? That’s not it. You should already be discussing its implementation. DX training is not only about strengthening the digital capabilities of individual employees, but it can also contribute greatly to the improvement of the overall constitution of the company. The current business environment is changing at an unprecedented pace, making it crucial for your company to quickly consider the digital strategy that best fits your needs. It is imperative to enhance the digital skills of all members and drive forward in this rapidly evolving landscape.

The aggressive introduction of DX or digital education at a company level can give the impression that you are preparing for the future. True talents don’t focus solely on the current status of the company. They factor in the company’s potential for future growth and how it can contribute to their personal growth. The implementation of DX education is something that cannot be thought of only in terms of training.

Elice DX Education Solutions

DX education is a battle against giving up

Giving up after working hard for your goal is something that everyone has experienced at least once. It can be difficult to overcome the occasional moment of frustration and continue learning. Unlike school, learning about the knowledge required for your job can be a little harder. Since it’s an internal training program, you may feel like you need to demonstrate actual job skills and improve your digital capabilities. The more you study, the more you feel there’s so much more to learn.

In the case of DX education, where it’s difficult to know what to learn and where to start and feeling overwhelmed is real, the added pressure is indeed a reality. Managing completion rates becomes a significant challenge for education administrators, given that employees start with these feelings. It becomes their responsibility to ensure that employees who begin with such sentiments successfully complete their education. DX education often faces more instances of “giving up” compared to other educational programs. What can help effectively lead employees through the entire process?

엘리스 DX교육의 동기부여 방식

Elice as a Student’s Learning Mate

Many companies try different things in order to increase student completion rates. We reward those who have achieved excellent grades and, if they fail to complete it, we make them responsible for learning at their own expense. But external motivation factors have a limit. Studying, which is led by a sense of duty, quickly needs another driving force.

Elice is like a running mate for students. We provide continuous support to students’ learning without being too fast or too slow. You can ask as many questions as you want through the 1:1 chat, and field developers will help until your questions are answered. Because digital education, or DX education, is such a new field, it is difficult for the person in charge of education to understand the entire curriculum. The strength of Elice DX training is that it can ease the burden on those in charge of introducing digital training through its platform functionality.

Elice Digital Competency Training provides ongoing support through the Elice platform

Digital training completion rate managed by the Elice AI dashboard

Elice’s AI dashboard helps students increase their digital capabilities with smart learning management. Indeed, evaluating the learners’ progress is made easier since their learning status can be monitored based on set criteria. This makes assessing their achievements more convenient. Additionally, it can analyze students’ learning patterns in detail and quantify the somewhat vague notion of learning effectiveness into EPS (Elice Performance Score). This can predict with high accuracy whether there is a risk of the student dropping out.

It is easy to evaluate achievement because students’ learning status can be checked according to set criteria. You can check at a glance by subject, division, and time. You can also easily download it to Excel if you need data for a report or analysis related to your learning. You can check the figures for various items such as coding time, number of runs, and number of submissions to manage students’ digital training completion rate more carefully.

DX Training Takes the Worry Out of Adopting Digital Training - Elice DX Training

Elice DX Education Motivation – Learning for Itself Rather Than Carrots and Sticks

I often think that the core of learning management is motivation. So, this is the most difficult thing for the education manager who deals with the completion rate. Everyone has a different way of motivating themselves. However, in order for successful learning and digital capacity growth to take place, continuous help and interest in learning itself are necessary.
It may not be easy to say that you can manage the completion rate and raise motivation with the platform, but if you experience the Elice platform for yourself, you will understand it right away. Elice makes you think, “Was such a platform even possible?” Inquire now. We welcome education administrators who find the enhancement of employees’ digital skills necessary but daunting, from the very implementation stage. Our experts, equipped with knowledge from approximately 1,000 domestic companies, will design your digital education journey.

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