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Has been actively used since 8 years ago and acquires skills in AI-based customized training

Participating in the development of English courses beyond existing SW and AI education, the platform’s expansion stands out

Elice Inc. (CEO Kim Jae-won), an educational practice platform company, has been selected for the “AI Digital Textbook Service Model and Prototype Development Research” project in the secondary English and information subject of the Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS), and will start developing AI Digital Textbooks (AIDT) in earnest.

This research project is aimed at creating a foundation for the development of digital textbooks using various AI technologies to stably introduce AI Digital Textbook (AIDT). AI digital textbook model design, prototype development, usability verification, and evaluation are planned to be carried out by December. Elice Group will participate in development research in cooperation with KAIST for secondary English subjects and Korea University for secondary information subjects.

It is noteworthy that Elice Group was selected as the organizer of the English AI digital textbook service model and prototype development research based on the existing SW and AI education-oriented platform. Taking this as a starting point, we plan to continue expanding our subjects based on platform technology systematized for AI learning management and data analysis.

Elice Group has a cloud-based educational practice platform ‘Elice LXP’, which has already been commercialized and used for eight years, and is a step ahead in technology compared to companies that have started developing AIDT. Elice LXP is used in SW and AI education of more than 1,100 schools, institutions, and companies, and has been proven to be excellent for AI-based customized education and its convenient usability.

Elice Group’s AI courseware is provided with an automatic scoring function, and an AI data dashboard is created according to the scoring results to efficiently manage learning progress. In addition, the generative AI-based learning assistant chatbot “AI Helpy” enhances the learning effect by providing feedback on student questions within 10 seconds for each situation. In line with AIDT’s original purpose of supporting customized learning for individual students through this research process, it plans to add a function that allows AI to recommend optimal learning contents based on more than 600 types of customized learning support materials.

An analysis system is also installed to provide effective customized learning. Learning management system (LMS) functions enable learning management, feedback provision, and learning materials production, and learning behavior data can be systematically collected according to international standards with self-developed AI dashboard. External expansion is possible and data can be exchanged, enabling stable connection with the Learning Record Store (LRS), the core of AIDT.

Based on its excellent platform technology, Elice Group has completed an MOU with MiraeN, Visang Education, cmass, and Wonn Kyo-jae on the development of AI digital textbook information courses.

Kim Jae-won, CEO of Elice Group, said, “Elice LXP was already commercialized eight years ago, but we are constantly advancing technology, including AI practice as well as machine learning on the LXP with Elice’ own ‘Runbox,’” and added, “We will do our best to lead innovation in school education by studying prototype development research, which will be a full-fledged milestone in AIDT development.

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