Provider of testing solutions for building position-specific competency systems

Provider of testing solutions for building position-specific competency systems



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Evaluating Developer Job Competency

Woori FIS Co., Ltd.

Woori FIS is a full-service provider of financial IT services, offering IT development and management to the banking, credit card, securities, and insurance industries, among other financial sectors. We are accelerating digital innovation by completing the formation of our own standard development framework and implementing, for the first time in Korea, a complete IT outsourcing model that includes IT infrastructure operation as well as development. The objective is to accelerate the digital transformation process through the reinforcement of core technologies and the application of a systematic evaluation of job competencies for internal development. Since 2022, Woori FIS has been conducting developer competency assessments by introducing the Elice Test solution, which is intended to diagnose important digital competencies in digital transformation.

Introducing a design for test solution

The objectives of Woori FIS’s developer competency assessment were to diagnose field developers’ competencies, create competency frameworks for every role, and establish standards. Since the main objective was to assess the developer’s practical skills, tests were specifically administered based on language and included questions in the form of field activities like “developing an API” and “creating a search box.” A sizable online job competency assessment was carried out on the Elice Test platform with 200 to 300 developers following debate and revision of the questions by experts and developers.

Assess the hands-on competency of developers

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The thorough evaluation of developer job competency was the most essential component of the Woori FIS test. Coding tests using industry-standard languages including SQL, Java, C, and JavaScript were utilized to assess actual work competency. The questions were organized into a task- and function-based units. Elice’s testing platform is evaluated in a manner that closely resembles the real-world development environment, enabling candidates to swiftly adjust and concentrate on the exam.

Using the “Reference Page Function” in the Elice Test, one can access the required library and search for or verify any references throughout the exam. The reference page feature is part of the Elice Test because it tests your ability to find and utilize the libraries you’ll need for everyday work.

▲ Test example screen (not the real Woori FIS test question, but an example question for reference)

Elice creates questions based on the candidates’ work and the industry the company operates. With the financial industry that is Woori FIS, the questions were developed using the banking database. In the case of SQL subjects, we aimed to assess the work competency of genuine field developers with industry-specific questions, like matching the columns utilized by actual banks. We generated over a million datasets and questions.

Simple to use and oversee test platform environment

Numerous locations host hundreds of test takers, therefore the expansive online testing platform is made to facilitate administrator supervision as much as possible. The remote ID authentication feature made it simple and quick to authenticate users on the Elice Test platform. ID authentication was made feasible without worrying about personal information leaking because ID cards are photographed and sent via the screen QR code. Personal information masking is possible immediately. It is simple to verify and check the ID card because the test manager has the ability to do so at any point throughout the test or after it has ended. Administrators can monitor the dashboard at any point during or after the exam, which simplifies management.

Job competency assessment, developer competency, digital competency diagnosis, testing platform, online testing platform
▲ Quick ID verification with a QR code

Job competency assessment, developer competency, digital competency diagnosis, testing platform, online testing platform

▲ Dashboard enabling the administrator to verify in real-time upon completion or throughout the test

Observation and methods to prevent cheating

The employment competency evaluation for Woori FIS developers is entirely done online, and because it was done at the candidate’s house, there were suspicions of cheating. Cheating on the Elice Test was prohibited by its triple monitoring system and solution. You are able to watch and manage the candidate’s smartphone screen, monitor, and camera thanks to the triple monitoring system. Complete blind spot monitoring is made possible by the triple monitoring system, and the recording feature allows for additional inspection. By sending specific notifications or verifying the number of managers on duty, monitoring also made it easier for us to administer and oversee exams when cheating was suspected.

Job competency assessment, developer competency, digital competency diagnosis, testing platform, online testing platform
▲ Three monitoring systems: mobile displays, webcams, and monitoring.

The Elice Test gives you the power to manage the environment, including stopping people from using two monitors to search for answers or share them, figuring out whether other apps like notepad and SNS are being used, and reporting results to managers. Since ChatGPT just became popular, there have been a lot of worries about people utilizing it to cheat. An automatic anti-cheating solution is available on the Elice online trial platform to aid in preventing this kind of behavior. The instructions were made impossible to copy and paste in order to prevent problem leaking, and the screen was automatically blocked even during the Woori FIS test when the complete screen was released or a special key was input.

Job competency assessment, developer competency, digital competency diagnosis, testing platform, online testing platform
▲ Platform screens that, upon release of the entire screen, become automatically blocked.

In order to assess practical development capabilities, the Woori FIS Developer Job Competency Assessment was created with a number of factors in mind, including exam goal, difficulty, quiz, and practice. Thanks to a robust test platform and questions that may systematically evaluate practitioners’ digital proficiency, we were able to execute the developer competency evaluation with ease. The basis for developing a trustworthy internal competency system was also established by this competency evaluation.

Throughout the years, Elice has identified the training and assessment needs of multiple enterprises by offering DX training. We comprehend the variations in the necessary competences and levels by industry, work group, and position based on the learning data gathered from DX training, and we build a systematic job competency evaluation solution on this foundation. Using the Elice Test solutions, numerous companies are already conducting developer competency exams, similar to the Woori FIS test case. Code reviews, data science, artificial intelligence, data literacy, and programming language proficiency can all be evaluated using thorough diagnostic tests of digital competency. We advise taking the Elice Test if you’re worried about assessing your developer ability or if you require a test to evaluate your actual job competency.

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