Comprehensive code examinations, quick multi-pronged assessments, and dependable server operations

Comprehensive code examinations, quick multi-pronged assessments, and dependable server operations



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SW Maestro

SW Maestro is an institution that trains domestic software experts in a process organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Information and Communication Planning and Evaluation Institute and operated by the Korea Information Industry Association. SW Maestro selects 250 people every year to conduct self-directed learning and project development and systematic job competency evaluation as part of a government-supported project to foster creative software talents leading the future of the software industry. Through a five-week worldwide SW competency education program, 10% of the trainees with good grades are chosen through a multifaceted review of project performance and curriculum. These trainees are then developed into top-tier talents. I got to know Jae-kwang Kwak, a SW team leader who has been using the Elice platform to perform coding examinations for the past two years running since last year.

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▲ Jae-kwang Kwak, head of the Future Talent Training Center at SW Maestro Training Center

“We solved all the existing job competency evaluation problems by conducting an online coding test with Elice,” said team head Jae-kwang Kwak. “Over the years, the satisfaction increased.”

Large-connection servers that are dependable

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Large-scale coding exams used to be difficult to administer since it took a while for candidates to get into the test environment or the server wasn’t reliable, which made it difficult to examine the results.

As team leader Jae-kwang Kwak stated, “It is very important to operate the test smoothly because a large number of people participate in the SW Maestro trainee selection process.” Elice’s steady server operation is one of its assets. He continued by saying that numerous reviews had suggested that it was best to start the test right away with a stable server running at a time when it was crucial for candidates to go onto the network environment as soon as the test time was scheduled.

He added that it was impressive because a practice coding exam was held ahead of the actual exam to assess the applicant’s environment and level of preparation. The reason for this is that during the real test, we were able to react suitably by examining heavy traffic at the test location. They claimed to have been able to avoid the challenges they faced during the operation and preserve the internal resources required to conduct the trial.

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Multi-evaluation problem formulation that incorporates assessments of work competency and problem-solving skills

The coding test offered by SW Maestro stands out from others in a number of ways. In addition to basic coding skills, they thoroughly assess problem-solving abilities and work competency when choosing trainees.

▲ Coding Test Platform Screen

According to team leader Jae-kwang Kwak, this calls for a fusion of several ideas, including algorithms, the Web, and SQL. This is so that Web and SQL can assess job capability, and the algorithm verifies applicants’ problem-solving skills based on programming languages. If these different ideas were integrated, Elice would be the only corporation that could produce a valuation problem.

A fair and efficient scoring system

We discovered that Elice’s automated grading system was practical. Elice’s automated scoring system was able to guarantee both speed and fairness in the scoring procedure. He clarified that being able to quickly view individual problem resolution from the viewpoint of the education manager was also helpful. This is due to the fact that it is now less difficult to perform multifaceted evaluations because it is no longer necessary to seek applicant codes for every problem. Additionally, all of the codes that each applicant has entered may be verified. He stated that he had successfully addressed the applicant’s concerns and that all of the updated and submitted codes were kept here.

Real-time monitoring system with accurate assessment

According to team leader Jae-kwang Kwak, “Elice was able to accurately evaluate by strengthening its supervisory function with a real-time monitoring system.” He clarified that using outside searches to stop cheating at the source was not permitted. He also said that he continuously watched the test area and kept a close eye on cheating via webcams, cell phones, and screen sharing.

He mentioned how practical it was to warn applicants who were suspected of cheating on an individual basis. The Elice platform’s ability to detect and effectively address cheating via IP similarity and code similarity tests by closely examining all recorded films, even after the test, was another fantastic feature.

Elice was quite clear that the fact that he took the coding test as a supervisor himself made him much more trustworthy. The real-time monitoring system was methodically built and tested much more effectively and applicants need supervisors with extensive experience in coding since they have an IT major or background.

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