The DX capability system at LG Chem is designed to enhance employees' DX capabilities

The DX capability system at LG Chem is designed to enhance employees' DX capabilities



LG Chem

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Improve executives' and employees' DX capabilities

LG Chem

Thanks to its key competencies in advanced materials, life sciences, and petrochemicals, LG Chem is a prominent player in the worldwide chemical industry. LG Chem has been a continuous advocate for DX throughout the organization as it launched the first complete digital sales platform in the sector. There are several internal DX teams that are actively spearheading and implementing digital transformation throughout the company. We have been working with Elice to perform DX training and evaluations since 2020 in order to improve the comprehension of DX for IT roles as well as for all executives and employees.

Strengthening DX capabilities: LG Chem’s DX capability system

A lot of companies are now providing digital transformation training to improve their DX functions. As seen in the graphic below, the enterprise’s DX competence system model may be understood by breaking it down into early, mid, and mature eras.

LG화학, DX 교육, DX, 역량 체계, DX 전문가
▲ Comparison of the early, mid, and mature DX competency models

As in the first model, most of them take a mild approach to fundamental courses like data analysis and DX literacy in the early phases of DX training. We have come into complex processes like artificial intelligence at the midterm stage, and we are implementing project education in response to this. Those who have finished their schooling are less in number in the midterm, the higher the competency system level.
For the mature model that follows, the fundamental procedure is a bit complicated. We are able to observe that the organization’s primary goal is to provide its staff with a strong DX foundation. Students finish fewer courses at greater levels of difficulty since the curriculum is carefully designed to cover all training levels and give employees access to DX training. This is an established DX competency system concept with the goal of improving the enterprise’s overall DX capabilities. Elice offers training customized to the LG Chem DX competency system, which is likewise getting close to maturity.

LG화학, DX 교육, DX, 역량 체계, DX 전문가
▲ Check the status of training using the LG Chem Manager dashboard screen

Create a methodical program to improve student performance

Individual employees have different levels of digital competency. At this point, some people wish to advance their IT skills or put them to immediate use in the workplace, while others are just curious about coding. In order to raise each skill in accordance with the level of the individual, LG Chem conducts its DX education by level. Step-by-step curriculums ranging from introductory to advanced to project are available; executives and staff select the curriculum that best suits their needs and take DX training.

As a post-deepening step, project-based learning (PBL) training assists staff members in enhancing their practical application skills, based on real-world problems or comparable projects. LG Chem’s PBL training in 2023 is being carried out via Elice’s AI competence enhancement project for industry experts. The curriculum is designed to build your skills through projects and teach you how to apply them in the real world. Examples of topics covered include “prediction of lightweight and high-strength plastic properties using artificial intelligence,” “prediction and optimization of abnormalities in materials and parts production process facilities using artificial intelligence,” and “prediction of battery properties based on anode materials using artificial intelligence.”

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Increased awareness of DX requirements through testing and an internal hackathon

In addition to providing education, LG Chem systematically assesses the participants’ increased competency following the training. The “DX Expert Certification Test,” is an internal DX competency evaluation. Elice is directly providing the “DX Expert Certification Test” questions, and the test is administered via the Elice testing platform. Our goal is to increase the notion among all employees that DX is crucial for the enterprise’s future, not just one of its initiatives, as we administer DX expert certification exams.

Events like internal AI hackathons are one way that DX culture is being shared, in addition to DX expert certification exams. In 2021, LG Chem held an internal AI hackathon through the Elice competition platform, which helped us identify exceptional AI talent and opened the door to reviving the DX culture.

LG화학, DX 교육, DX, 역량 체계, DX 전문가
▲ The 2021 LG Chem internal AI hackathon

Elice’s operational expertise is tailored to fit each business

Even if multiple businesses offer curriculum-based training, each business’s unique circumstances and surroundings may have an impact on how the training is delivered. Elice focuses on maximizing customer training performance based on the experience of running DX training for numerous companies. Since a large number of people participated in the online LG Chem DX training, which was conducted in the first half of 2023, it was crucial to determine how many employees finished the course. The inability to solve problems on one’s own contributed to a lower completion percentage in subjects that were more challenging. In order to increase the percentage of students who finish subjects above the intermediate level, Elice directly suggested a “live coding show” for them.

Events with speed quizzes were organized to boost students’ engagement and enthusiasm in learning, and high quiz scorers received rewards based on their rank. I was able to become more interested in and satisfied with the education itself because of these occurrences. We were able to attain high manager satisfaction levels since it resulted in greater actual retention.

LG화학, DX 교육, DX, 역량 체계, DX 전문가

Elice oversees the entire process of organizing and carrying out the training in compliance with the demands and circumstances of the business. We work to give every business the best possible DX testing and training, taking into account the same issues as corporate training staff. A DX educational competency system, such as the LG Chem client case I presented this time, requires a number of components, including a step-by-step curriculum, an instructional platform, a test platform, and questions. Drawing from its extensive experience in corporate training and evaluation across several industries, Elice offers customized DX solutions for individual businesses. We advise you to take a look at the Elice DX solution if you require customized training solutions for enterprise training, online and offline training, and competency evaluation.

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