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Financial industry revolutionizes customer experience with digital transformation

Digital Transformation (DX) is a very important concern in the financial industry. The traditional financial industry, which operated in the traditional way, is now in a new competitive environment with the development of digital technology. The financial industry now needs the ability to plan and implement digital solutions and services that can provide convenience and added value at customer interfaces. Non-development jobs can also gain digital capabilities to streamline operations and improve customers' financial experiences.

Financial industry revolutionizes customer experience
with digital transformation

DX Worries in the Financial Industry

  • 1
    I want to use various financial data to provide customized services to customers and create added value.
  • 2
    Company-wide DX education is needed to automate and streamline repetitive financial tasks.
  • 3
    I want to strengthen the stability of the infrastructure (security, servers, etc.) needed for a successful digital transformation.
  • 4
    I want to check my employees' DX competencies and on-the-job development skills and strengthen them through customized training.

The Elice DX solution can be utilized like this

Financial Transactions Customer Credit Prediction Project Training
Financial Transactions Customer Credit Prediction Project Training
Work on projects that analyze financial transaction data to infer and leverage customer spending and lifestyle patterns. Your project experience will help you develop data-driven thinking when recommending appropriate financial products to customers or limiting their financial activity.
Hands-on online training
Hands-on online training
From programming fundamentals to data analytics, artificial intelligence, and web development, employees can take hands-on, online classes. By providing a roadmap with goals and expected deliverables, as well as project-based training, you can build DX skills through online training.
Financial industry-specific competency assessment and training
Financial industry-specific competency assessment and training
Diagnose developer competencies in a realistic environment by utilizing a dedicated framework and database. Create coding test questions based on the skills used in the financial industry and use automated scoring for efficient evaluation. You can also supplement any deficiencies with training.

Elice DX Solutions See the results in action

Customer creditworthiness prediction report based on transaction data
You work on a project to predict whether a new customer is a credit risk based on existing data and classification models, so you know what data is important to predict risk.
Train on and offline blended web development projects
Through on- and offline project training to create financial-related web services, staff members were able to create and present services such as branch-specific number tables and meeting passbooks.
Hands-on personalized coding tests
We utilized the databases and frameworks used by the banking industry to test our code in a realistic environment.

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