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DX education, there must be some effect

Before implementing DX education, what might be the concern for education officials? They might be worrying about whether there will be effects from digital transformation through this education or if it can be applied directly to practical work. The department responsible for education is probably more concerned about how the education provided can support the company’s growth rather than generating immediate profits, as it involves spending company resources.

The effectiveness of digital education is influenced by various factors such as goals, targets, and the environment. While it’s challenging to predict the effects of digital transformation through education with 100% certainty, there are several factors that can be considered to ensure a stable implementation. What could these factors be?

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**The effects of digital transformation guaranteed by Elice DX Education **

Coding education complemented by the platform tailored for practical application

Among the DX education programs aimed at employees, coding education is particularly crucial, especially in terms of hands-on practice. Simply watching instructional videos of someone else coding in a video can be challenging for learners to follow on their own. The Elice platform allows real-time coding practice while watching the lectures. Its automatic grading feature evaluates the code you write, enabling you to assess your skills through hands-on exercises. This interactive learning approach maintains engagement, preventing boredom by ensuring that you stay focused and motivated during individual study sessions.

This feature is incredibly useful from a corporate perspective as well. In reality, a certain multinational conglomerate, which had assumed an 80% completion rate based on an average video viewing rate of over 80%, found that some participants scored as low as 20 points when the tests were conducted. If the education had been more focused on hands-on coding exercises, they could have realistically assessed the participants’ learning abilities and implemented proactive measures such as supplementary lectures and adjusting difficulty levels accordingly. Elice’s automatic grading feature not only ensures the continuity of learners’ education but also provides a realistic understanding from the corporate standpoint. This makes it well-suited for corporate coding education.

Moreover, Elice is accessible not only through the web but also on mobile devices and tablets without the need for any additional installations. It supports various devices, ensuring the continuity of learning. Nowadays, employees are not just limited to office spaces and work from home and cafes. With Elice, employees are not restricted by location and can continue their learning journey seamlessly, regardless of where they are.

DX Education, Digital Transformation Effectiveness: Elice Coding Education Platform

PBL education applied to practical use

PBL education stands for Project-Based Learning, which literally means education that utilizes internal company project data. From the initial stages of learning coding to its practical application, the gap might seem substantial. However, by incorporating real data from daily projects, it’s possible to create more immersive education experiences. The expectation of being able to apply what you are currently learning to real-world scenarios and achieve better performance can serve as significant motivation.

Moreover, this type of coding education is not just about solving immediate challenges It cultivates the skills to analyze and resolve data-related issues independently, enabling learners to tackle problems even when faced with different cases. Elice’s PBL education is tailored to specific industries and sectors, allowing companies to customize their education programs according to their needs. As every company’s situation is unique, the implementation of education can take various forms.
When there is existing internal data, we can design education to understand and utilize this data effectively. This understanding can then lead to transitioning business operations into data-driven processes. If there’s no internal data available, we can explore how to optimize internal operations through a more efficient, software-based approach. Additionally, we offer in-depth education programs suitable for individuals aspiring to join the development field, allowing them to reach the level of proficiency required for developer roles.

Practically applicable PBL training provided by Elice DX Education

Digital transition effects appearing in the current industry

An exemplary case of the effectiveness of Elice’s coding education is a humanities graduate who previously worked in the sales and planning department of the car rental division at SK Networks. After completing Elice’s coding education, this employee utilized internal company data to create and provide a solution mapping frequent accident locations for rental cars. This initiative led SK Networks to establish a dedicated department called BM Innovation Team to analyze and utilize data. This paved the way for the development of solutions using internal data, fostering an optimal environment for service and business innovation.

Similarly, at Hyundai Motor Company, the impact of Elice’s PBL education on digital conversion was immediately evident. Exceptional employees who completed Level 2 were chosen to participate in a project that involved developing a prediction model for rental possibilities using internal data, including customer vehicle purchase history and new car sales information. Through this project, employees who participated in PBL education gained a better understanding of developer tasks, enhancing communication between developers and other departments. Employees also reported a clearer understanding of how to request specific aspects of data analysis rather than vague requests, according to testimonials from Blue Hands employees.

👉 Comments from Satisfied Elice DX Education Participants

**Corporate Coding Education: From Catching Fish to Cooking Them **

The expression “teaching one how to fish” is often used to describe education. Elice’s DX education not only teaches how to fish but also how to quickly and deliciously cook it. In an era where strong problem-solving skills using data are becoming a powerful competitive advantage, merely analyzing data is not enough. By applying it in your work and becoming a team member with higher productivity, you can achieve unprecedented results.

Furthermore, with this effective DX education, if the digital capabilities of your organization’s members are significantly strengthened, could it not become an irreplaceable competitive advantage for your company in the constantly evolving business landscape? Instead of the same digital education that everyone else is receiving, why not experience the digital transformation effect through Elice’s tailored corporate coding education, utilizing your company’s internal data?

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