Most efficient, customized training to build practical skills

Most efficient, customized training to build practical skills




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Digital Capacity Building


SK Group introduced an integrated learning platform in 2020 with the goal of enhancing the skills and abilities of its members. It provides a range of lectures on topics such as digital technology, creative design, semiconductors, energy solutions, happiness, social values, and leadership. Research centers, consultancy firms, and domestic and international producers of educational content collaborate to build courses.

Specialized Courses with Customized Training

The member rsesponded favorably to Elice’s training since it helped them solve real-world issues. The nature of digital transformation education makes it a crucial arena for both knowledge and practical skills. Since problems are solved in settings akin to the workplace, the actual level of practical proficiency in each individual has increased dramatically.

A practical one-stop solution with all the features you need

Convenient online hands-on platform Elice has all the capabilities you need, including video conferencing, administration, and chat, thanks to the cloud. Since all the development environments are already set up, installing new software is not a laborious task. More executives and staff attended the training because Elice can only be trained by logging in without requiring a separate installation, despite the fact that newcomers sometimes lose enthusiasm due to the lengthy preparation period for complex installations.

Systems that are available for training whenever and wherever they are needed

Elice was a course that allowed you to practice online exercises while watching videos on demand. Classes used to be followed by VOD or offline group education, but as time went on, it became more and more vital to learn whenever and wherever possible. Elice is a curriculum that, in my opinion, fits in nicely with these modern learning environments. Organizing and carrying out in-the-field training sessions for executives and staff is a highly challenging task. Only learning the essential material at Elice at your convenience proved to be successful. Elice’s educational approach has gotten more traction since COVID-19 has made executives and staff choose online training.

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