Solving knowledge and fun at once with interesting learning

Solving knowledge and fun at once with interesting learning




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Training AI/SW Human Resources

National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA)

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) was founded to enhance the growth of the national economy and increase the industry’s competitiveness by providing effective industry support. In order to develop the information and communication industry, its primary responsibilities include research and policy establishment, industry development, professional manpower development, distribution market revitalization and marketing support, project promotion related to industry convergence, international exchange cooperation, and support for overseas expansion.

Within the framework of the Ministry of Science and ICT and NIPA’s “AI Online Curriculum Development and Operation” initiative, the “AI Online Practical Basic/Application Curriculum” is a free curriculum for those interested in using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Over 5,000 students finished the program, which included foundational classes for understanding Python fundamentals and data analysis, as well as applications for AI analysis and projects.

A real-time coding demonstration that provides immediate responses.

Elice’s curriculum featured a live coding event with experts in coding, which was its most significant part. For trainees learning alone online, the live coding event provided a valuable educational experience with field developers. Real-time coding was done by experts, and trainees used the chat feature to get answers to their questions. Following the demonstration, career counseling is provided. The increasing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is a clear indication that developers were highly motivated and engaged in face-to-face Q&A sessions.

A fascinating study of data that is easy to use

Trainees responded very well to the data analysis project by using what they had learned. Trainees extracted, assessed, and forecasted desirable components using real-world data, including COVID health records, subway ridership, product ratings, and customer trustworthiness in financial transactions. The practice’s organizational structure is applied to the project environment. Although a Jupiter laptop is actually required, the Elice platform can function in the same setting without one. The analysis of congestion by station using data on the number of passengers entering and exiting the subway was the project that attracted the greatest attention. Numerous trainees used the folium library to simulate congested locations and assisted them in using the subway.

Certificate of competence and certificate support.

Elice certifies the completion of each course by giving NIPA-certified certificates to the students. After completing the application course, participants received a private certificate from the Korea Vocational Competency Development Institute and a free test chance for “artificial intelligence experts,” which encouraged them to continue their education.

Learning while having fun

Elice’s training consists of a lecture video and hands-on practice. Lectures are brief and condensed, so they are not at all dull. After the lecture, students can put what they learned into practice by providing clarification on the material to make it easier for non-majors to understand. Many people commented, in particular, that the practice is enjoyable and almost like a game, especially if someone gets 100 points. The programmer’s teacher responds quickly at the support center, and when the student’s grade drops, it automatically sends emails with feedback, which is well-received.

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