Which all-in-one LMS platform was selected by the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association?

Which all-in-one LMS platform was selected by the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association?



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One-stop Certificate Operation

Korea Artificial Intelligence Association

The Korea Artificial Intelligence Association was founded in 2017 with the goal of completing the integration of AI across all industries through the exchange of relevant people, businesses, and infrastructure that together comprise the AI ecosystem. The association, which has roughly 600 member firms and 15,000 partner companies, is involved in business assistance, human resources development, certification system, qualification system, and policy support in order to boost the industry through the realization of artificial intelligence.
The Korea Artificial Intelligence Association has found a private certificate for data labeling that can assess the objective ability of artificial intelligence, in response to the growing need for data labeling across all industries. I had a meeting with the center’s director, Gun-hoon Kim, who is working with Elice to get data labeling certificates.

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Head of the center Gun-hoon Kim claimed, “Elice is the best platform for certificate operation as it can easily manage tests and problems while preventing cheating.”

Complete Test Operations System

As the need for data labeling grew, the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association first established an online test technique and started a data labeling certificate company. Elice allows supervisors to promptly identify a huge number of individuals, allowing for effective responses and shows that cheating was the most significant aspect of the procedure.

Since a wide range of age groups, from the 20s to the 70s, participate in the certification test, it is difficult to proceed smoothly if the system is difficult. However, it was reported that applicants for data labeling certificates welcomed the opportunity to become familiar with the test method through Elice’s beta test process. “Even though the number of people was uneven in each test session, the division system was well equipped, and ID cards were also available, which greatly helped the operation,” Kim, the center’s director, stated. “It was also impressive that we quickly responded to various inquiries through Channel Talk linkage.”

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With powerful problem retention and library features, you can easily manage issues

The Elice platform highlighted its extensive issues and library features, which facilitate their management. Even if AI is used three times a week, it can still be replaced with new difficulties because it has a huge number of questions stored. AI needs to adapt quickly and answer questions in the newest, rapidly changing sector.

He continued by saying that he is creating and utilizing a range of problem sets using the Elice library function and a straightforward question management system. The head of the center, Gun-hoon Kim, stated that over 100 individuals took the exam in three months due to the high demand for the data labeling certificate. This was made possible by the Elice platform’s great stability and careful management oversight.

Particularly, “I used a lot of LMS platforms in my education business, but Elice ‘s own differences, from cheating prevention to systematic problem management systems, CMS, and education operations, stood out,” he explained. He further stated, “I want to join Elice in all certificates organized by the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association.”

한국인공지능협회, LMS 업체, 데이터 라벨링 자격증, 엘리스 플랫폼, 자격증 발급

One-stop Certificate Issuance System

Another advantage of the Elice platform is the one-stop certificate issuance system, where certificates are issued at the test site. Director of the Centre Kim stated, “Elice was able to successfully prevent the unauthorized copying of certificates by offering unique designs that included hash codes to prevent data labeling certificates from being copied. “The system considers everyone’s convenience because applicants can apply for certificate issuance quickly and easily, regardless of the association’s website and Elice LMS platform, and operators do not have to reprocess data.”

A capable worker with a foundational understanding of growth and practical skills

Finally, we also gave Elice credit for their employees. Kim explained that Elice was free to employ the LMS platform however he pleased and that his ideal bridgehead function made it simple for him to comprehend the development language. Elice complimented the business for improving customer satisfaction with the certificate operation by providing accurate data and clarifications as necessary, in addition to their prompt reaction and feedback. As I concluded the interview, I mentioned that Elice’s handling of every step of the process—from application to payment to examination to supervision to certificate issuance—doubled efficiency.

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