Enhance digital skills with cutting-edge DX instruction

Enhance digital skills with cutting-edge DX instruction



Hyundai Motor Company

Industry, Regulation

  • Manufacturing/Construction
  • 1000+ people

Introduction to servers

  • LXP
  • PBL
  • 교육 과정


Digital Capacity Building

Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Motor Company provided four phases of data training for 70 individuals over the course of five months beginning in April 2022, using the Elice platform and curriculum.

How did the workers who finished the last training evaluate it?

This course provided a rewarding opportunity to become closer to Python after being only vaguely interested. I simply used what I had learned, but I was pleased to see the statistics posted on Hyundai Motor’s Instagram.

In the future, I’m excited about the chance to work with the data from the WWN website that I oversee.

Elice’s education provided a valuable opportunity for diligent independent study. I learned a lot about data collection by crawling and analyzing data on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, which I frequently use for business.

As I’ve learned the process of gathering data, which is closely tied to my business, I’ll be concentrating on “useful insights” more in the future.

We were able to interact with the data directly and comprehend the general idea because of Elice’s training. Every time I completed a step-by-step learning process, I felt proud of myself and assured that I could complete the task correctly in the future.

The main benefit is that this education allowed me to study a lot and inspired me to work more independently. I would like to strongly suggest it to other headquarters members based on my experience.

Throughout the curriculum, there were moments when I felt like giving up, but it was a great chance to discover an entirely new universe, much like when I reached an amazing summit after a rigorous hike.

It was a good time to familiarize yourself with the facts, even though not every step was simple. With any luck, the knowledge I gained during Elice’s training will come in handy in the future. I’m hoping that these kinds of educational opportunities will persist in the future.

As my educational level increased, I experienced moments of wanting to give up because it was becoming more challenging. However, I was able to complete my education because Python was something I had always wanted to learn. After finishing the curriculum, I want to put what I’ve learned to use at work and put a lot more effort into my studies.

Executives and staff at Hyundai Motor Company unanimously stated that they had gained a better comprehension of the data and had learned not only about Elice’s education but also practical applications for their work through a variety of practices. As a result, they expressed a desire to continue studying.

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