Corporate DX training concerns and solutions (3) - Satisfaction of trainees and strengthening digital capabilities



Employees are also customers for corporate training staff

For corporate training personnel, internal employees are also customers. You’re an important customer in your work and a member of the same organization. Furthermore, as many companies are moving away from a hierarchical atmosphere in their organizational culture and towards a direction that maximizes the incorporation of members’ opinions, increasing the satisfaction of the target audience has become an important task for responsible individuals.

Especially in the case of DX education, which many employees find challenging and unfamiliar, there is an expected greater burden on the education providers concerning the job satisfaction of the employees with regard to corporate training. How can you solve these problems?

DX training is a challenge for trainers, get help from Elice DX

Elice DX Training Satisfies Trainees

Keep DX training focused on programming practice and interaction

When you were in school, did you do something else or lose concentration while listening to online lectures? It’s very difficult to maintain concentration for a long time with online and non-contact education. In particular, many online courses in corporate education only consist of video lectures. Elice is different. This is because learners are not just watching video lectures.

In addition to solid theory lectures, Elice uses practice, quizzes, and various learning materials to keep learners engaged. Based on extensive research and experience in online learning, we have included elements that can help learners stay concentrated. Additionally, we transform learning from a one-sided flow into an engaging interactive experience by providing hands-on practice and automatic grading features that are unparalleled in other learning platforms, providing an interactive and exciting learning experience you won’t find on other platforms.

The many features offered by the Elice DX training platform

Ask real-time questions for your personal learning enjoyment

As online lectures without interactions can be easily boring, what interests learners are questions that are not immediately solved. When you come across something you don’t know, you might want to ask right away. But if you can’t find an answer, your motivation to learn might be dampened. But what if you could inquire and receive immediate responses in real-time? Elice can quickly ask questions through the help center, and competent field developers will provide answers.

It’s also easy to ask questions. When you encounter something you don’t understand while coding, you can simply drag the relevant code and click the “Ask” button to immediately ask your question. The ability to ask questions directly within the platform without the need to capture or save the code is a unique feature of Elice DX education that sets it apart from any other educational experience. Educators don’t have to be bothered by questions from students. Everything can be solved on the Elice platform.

DX교육, 기업 교육생 만족을 위한 엘리스 DX 교육의 실시간 문의

👉 Elice DX Education Learning Effects and Practical Application

A satisfying case of real-world digital transformation with Elice corporate training

Various companies have successfully implemented Elice DX education, leading to practical digital transformation outcomes in their workplaces. In the case of KT, the majority of participants who took part in the coding challenge education through Elice reported an increase in their digital skills related to software handling. Many of them expressed their intention to participate in future app development courses if offered. 83. 2% of employees who participated in the Level 1 Elice book reporting process, which includes practical exercises along with various coding books, expressed satisfaction. Additionally, the satisfaction scores for Python and Java courses were remarkably high, with ratings exceeding 8. 5 out of 10.

Employees who experienced Elice’s education left positive feedback, mentioning the convenience of having a virtual environment provided without the need for program installation. They also expressed satisfaction with the education tailored to their level, finding it enjoyable to learn step by step from the basics through hands-on coding exercises. Elice DX training is the most effective way to achieve both the results of enhancing student satisfaction and enhancing the digital capabilities of executives and employees in software.

엘리스 DX교육 대시보드 이미지, 엘리스 플랫폼을 활용한 실제 디지털 트랜스포메이션 사례

High corporate training satisfaction of executives and employees is your achievement

High satisfaction among executives and employees with in-house training leads to results for training personnel. Furthermore, when education is effective, it naturally leads to the enhancement of employees’ digital skills and contributes to the growth of the company. When digital capacity building is more important than ever, the concerns of corporate education managers are likely to grow deeper. Finding a company that is both properly validated and capable of providing education tailored specifically to our organization is not an easy task.

However, if your company is in the top 20 in South Korea and has experience conducting 18 DX education programs, it might be worth considering. If you want to achieve both personal growth and contribute to your company’s digital transformation education, why not contact Elice now? Our experts will customize our corporate training programs for your company’s needs.

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