Elice Field Training for Innocent College Students (part 1)



Hello, guys!! I’m Eunki Gong from the Elice People Team 🙂 .
I’m currently doing a field practicum at People Team.

For those of you who may be curious about the life of an on-the-job trainee at Elice,
I’d like to share my experience from when I first came to Elice to how I settled in.

So let’s START~!! 👉

1. My first day at work was full of nerves and excitement

A new year, a new job, a new place. Elise woke up early for work at 10:00 a.m. and set out with a full heart.
Even though it was a little late in the morning, she left the crowded Seolleung Station, took the elevator, and entered Elice with confidence! 👀

▲ Alas…! Is this the place I’ll be for the rest of my life?!

Actually, I was hanging out at the entrance, but someone who seemed to be on his first day of work like me went in, so I followed him in.

Turns out, I wasn’t the only newcomer that day!
We felt a strange sense of camaraderie and sat through the onboarding and security training together.

When the training was over, I was escorted to my seat and realized that the people team had given me the best seat in the house, by the window.
(Everyone coveted it, but why me…?)

Add to that a welcome kit full of practical goodies and a touching message card from the team… and you’ve got the perfect way to feel welcomed!

▲Welcome kit that I really liked, and a touching welcome message from the team🥹.

The book that our team leader, Seungmyung, bought at his own expense…! I’ll read it hard from now on!!! (I’ve been keeping it in a drawer for a month)

▲I got a cell phone charging pad and a sleepy Elice blanket as a bonus~Yoohoo😘!

I set up my seat, turned on my laptop with my name on it, and started my on-the-job training at Elice in earnest.

2. Help me, Buddy!

Elice has a buddy program to help new Elysers settle in.
My buddy is none other than… Kook Sung, who has been helping me with my onboarding training! 👏👏

▲Have me…ugh.

It was my first day, so I had a lot of things to sign up for and a lot of guidelines to check, but whenever I got lost, my buddy, Kooksung, would appear out of nowhere and explain things to me one by one.

▲Notion? Slack? You guys are a little difficult…? But if you’re with Buddy👊

After clearing all the to-do’s, we went on an office tour to the 16th floor and Sparkplug together.

We listened to cheering messages with lemon bass~ We also got some buddy support money☕

Maybe I can be someone’s buddy in the future 🤔 🤔 .

3. Let’s get down to business!

I’m a recruiter in the People team. I wanted to work in HR because I like people, and I came to recruiting from there.
When I experienced the actual work, there were more things to pay attention to than I thought, but it was still more fun than I thought.

My first job was sourcing coaches for our bootcamp Elice Track.
I sent out personalized offers via LinkedIn, coordinated meetings, and even sent out contracts.
Each step of the process was rewarding, and I found it particularly engaging to communicate with our training partners.

▲Look at my cold email that passed the miniproject!

▲Young-geun, this is really our last meeting…are you available tomorrow afternoon?

Honestly, it can be awkward to make a business proposal to someone you don’t know, and it can be exhausting when sourcing isn’t going well.
But I’m excited to see the collaboration come to fruition, and motivated by our new education partner’s commitment to transforming education at Elice, so I’m working hard. For more information, visit ✌️

▲Praise makes the gong also make the hipboy dance.🕺🕺

▲When you run out of sugar while working, head to the snack bar in the lounge💜

4. Change your long commute into a time for self-development!

One of my biggest concerns coming into Elice was the number of terms I didn’t recognize.
From front-end to back-end, various IT terms were unfamiliar to me.
Programming was quite difficult for a business administration student who only knew Excel and Hangul.

Still, I should know what I need to know for my future business school, right?
So I decided to use my commute time to study ✏️✏️

First, I thought I’d use the Kyobo Bookstore eLibrary, which is available to Elishers.
I started reading and studying IT-related books during my commute, starting with the book ‘Start IT Today’.

▲Since my commute is a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes, I’ll finish it in 3 days…10 books in a month?!

These days, I’m also studying by listening to lectures posted on Elsevier Space♬
Elice My learning ranking is also 43rd!

▲Get rid of the good ones, send the bad ones away. There are only forty-two more to go📝

▲Courses I’m taking these days. Maybe I’m getting a little agile?

5. The only meetings I’ve ever been to are in college.

I think conferences and meetings are one of the most important parts of a company’s work.
We can hear each other’s opinions on the agenda to be solved, and we can see what each other is currently working on.
Also, I think it is necessary to periodically identify any difficulties, and how much work has been done.

I’d like to share a few of these meetings that stood out to me at Elice :)

**1) 1:1 meetings
When I think of meetings at work, I think of brainstorming with a group of people, but at Elice, I think there are more 1:1 meetings than group meetings. In my first week, we had 1:1 meetings within the team in the morning and evening.

In the morning, I would have a Q&A with my teammate Hye-ri about the previous day’s work and learn about today’s tasks.
In the evening before work, I had a meeting with my team leader, Seungmyung, where we talked about how the day went, any challenges, and what our vision is for the future.

I feel comfortable talking about both work and non-work, and most importantly, I feel like I have a lot of time to talk about myself.
Nowadays, I have a weekly one-on-one meeting with my squad leader, Beom, to check our OKRs.

You can always request a 1:1 meeting on Lemonbase!

2) Team scrum meeting with the CEO.

Every Wednesday, the People team holds a scrum meeting, and what surprised me was that our CEO, Jae Won, attends.😮😮

Even though it was an on-the-job training, the meeting itself was a learning moment as we talked about our work, received feedback, and transparently shared our work and issues with someone who represents a company.

▲This is an opportunity…to impress Mr. Jae-won…!

3) Woo Hyang Woo Seminar

This is a meeting where people team members teach each other about HR-related topics that are good to know.
(The seminar is named after the right-handed spirit of the late POSCO Chairman Emeritus Park Tae-joon!)

In the first seminar, Seung-myung, our team leader, talked about ‘DB and DC retirement plans’,
On the second day, Hye-ri explained the difference between dispatch and service.

The third installment is scheduled to be about ‘annual leave’, a topic that any employee would be curious about!

▲I’ll have a chance to lecture at Woo Hyang-woo’s seminar before my fieldwork is over, right?!!🤔

I’ve been at Elice for over a month now, and it’s been a month where everything is new and exciting.
Next time, I’ll talk about some of the activities and clubs I’ve enjoyed at work.
I hope you all have a great day 💜 Until then, 20,000~!

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