What is work automation and RPA?



In the DX era, the MZ generation is leading a new business trend. Efficiency is the key to the MZ generation’s work. In order to maximize work efficiency, we are paying great attention to automating repetitive tasks using technology. In this content, we will look at what is automation and RPA for efficient work and introduce 7 examples of automation using it.

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What is task automation?

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Work automation refers to making a machine or program perform a certain task automatically. Work automation can save time and effort and reduce errors. Usually, automation is mainly done on regular repetitive tasks, but in recent years, with advances in AI and machine learning, more and more attempts are being made to automate more complex tasks.

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What is RPA?

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RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, It means ‘Process Automation with Robots’. Here, the ‘robot’ used in the name RPA refers to a software robot or ‘bot’ rather than a physical robot. RPA is a software robot that automates simple repetitive tasks, and the robot records and does what humans do on their computers. Tasks include clicking the mouse, typing keyboard, copying and pasting data, and moving files. RPA can also be used to move data between multiple systems. For example, in customer service, RPA can be used to generate automatic responses to customer inquiries or to automate tasks such as inventory checking and management. The financial sector automates complex iterations of transaction processing, remittance, billing, and report generation.

Therefore, RPA helps businesses reduce costs, increase productivity, reduce human error, and increase accuracy. However, the disadvantage can be that the RPA matches the name and is mainly suitable for regular tasks. Tasks that require exceptional situations or complex judgments can be difficult to handle efficiently and require expertise in maintenance and management, which can result in upfront investment or training costs. Most companies use bots for simple iterations to reduce wasted time, allowing employees to focus on more creative and complex tasks.

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7 RPA Business Automation Cases

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Customer Service

The first example of automation is customer service. RPA is used in customer service as FAQ response, chatbot, and email automatic response. For example, when an e-mail arrives for a customer inquiry, the bot scans the contents of the e-mail to identify a specific keyword and automatically sends a standardized response accordingly, or forwards the inquiry to the appropriate representative.

inventory management

The second example of automation is leveraging inventory management. It can be used to check and manage inventory, process orders, and manage delivery. Utilizing bots for inventory management can reduce errors and increase efficiency. For example, bots can handle tasks such as tracking goods inventory in real time, sending orders automatically or replenishing inventory alerts when inventory falls below a certain level.

Accounting and Finance

The third example of automation is the use of accounting and finance. Automate complex and repetitive financial operations, including remittances, billing, report generation, and transaction processing. This can reduce the time spent and increase data accuracy. For example, if you receive a remittance request, you can process it automatically and send a remittance complete notification. It is also possible to write monthly recurring bills and generate reports.

Human resources management

The fourth example of automation is the use of HR tasks. Automate HR-related iterations such as resume screening, scheduling interviews, salary calculations, and updating employee information. For example, you can analyze the information on your resume to automatically identify applicants who meet the defined criteria, and schedule interviews.


The fifth example of automation is use in marketing. Automate tasks such as email marketing, customer segmentation, SNS management, and data analysis. Marketing teams need to manage large amounts of customer data. RPA analyzes this data to help you run targeted marketing campaigns by segmenting your customers. It is also used for repetitive tasks such as creating and posting social media posts and responding to customer emails.

Data processing

The sixth example of automation is the use of data processing. Automate the task of organizing, analyzing, and reporting large amounts of data. This not only saves time but also has the benefit of increasing the accuracy of your data.

IT Operations

The last example of automation is IT operations. Automate IT-related tasks such as system monitoring, issue handling, and backup management. For example, if a system error occurs, you can detect it automatically, correct the error according to a predefined process, or send a notification to the person concerned.

So far, we’ve learned what automation and RPA are. Automating routine tasks is becoming an important determinant of a company’s competitiveness beyond improving work efficiency. In particular, the MZ generation, which is familiar with the digital environment, is leading this change and actively creating a work environment using digital technology.

Learning a variety of ways to improve work efficiency, such as automating tasks, is now becoming essential. Elice provides training to effectively address different tools and techniques. If you’re looking for a training course to improve work efficiency within the enterprise, I recommend taking this opportunity to explore Elice training.

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