ELICE GROUP-KAIST signs industry-academic research agreement for generative AI education model



200 million won research fund was delivered this year to develop an educational platform using large-scale language model technology

Ahead of the introduction of AI digital textbooks, the educational practice platform ELICE LXP laid the foundation for expanding versatility


Elis Group (CEO Kim Jae-won), an educational practice platform company, signed an industry-academic research agreement with KAIST (President Lee Kwang-hyung) to jointly research and develop educational technologies and platforms using large language model (LLM) technology.

Under this agreement, Professor Kim Joo-ho and Oh Hye-yeon of KAIST’s Department of Computing, Professor Hong Hwa-jung and Lee Tak-yeon of the Department of Industrial Design, and Professor Ahn So-yeon of the Department of Digital Humanities and Social Sciences will form a research team to conduct “develop educational innovation technology using large-scale language models.” Elice Group, which is leading digital-based educational innovation, will deliver 200 million won in research funds this year to lead the AI education field through mutual cooperation with KAIST researchers. Based on this research agreement, we plan to continue support in the future.

Specifically, based on English writing classes using generative AI such as ChatGPT, Elice Group and KAIST will work together to collect data to explore the educational use of △ large-scale language model technology, develop a social learning support platform using △ large-scale language models, and develop AI assistants specialized in △ subjects or fields.

Elice Group plans to incorporate education technology using large-scale language models that will be secured through this study into the development of AI digital textbooks. It aims to strengthen its versatility as an educational platform by expanding Elice LXP, an educational practice platform specialized in existing information subjects, to English subjects.

KAIST also plans to devise ways to effectively utilize large-scale language models for education, thereby providing opportunities for educational innovation to enhance students’ academic efficiency and lead to creative-led learning.

Kim Soo-in, CRPO of Elice Group, said, “With KAIST, which is leading AI research, we are thinking about the direction of education suitable for the digital transformation era and presenting a better education model.”

Kim Joo-ho, a professor of computer science at KAIST, said, “The government’s push to introduce AI digital textbooks and various edutech companies’ attempts to incorporate AI technology into education are accelerating. Generative AI is a key technology that leads this trend, and through research collaboration with Elice Group, we want to create results that can be meaningfully applied to actual learning situations beyond theoretical technology. “

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