Elice Group Builds Cloud-Based GPU and NPU Farm With Naver Cloud



Both companies build a cloud environment based on domestic AI semiconductors based on cloud infrastructure and solution technology

Elice Group Develops Leading Technologies such as Korea’s Only NPU Dynamic Allocation Technology and MLOps Solutions

Elice Group (CEO Kim Jae-won), an educational practice platform company, will build a cloud-based platform for AI semiconductor GPUs and NPUs with Naver Cloud.

Naver Cloud is participating in the “K-Cloud” project promoted by the Ministry of Science and ICT in three stages by 2030 to upgrade domestic AI semiconductors and strengthen cloud competitiveness. The first phase of the K-cloud project, which began in earnest on June 26, is a demonstration project that applies domestic NPU, which is in the early stages of commercialization, to data centers and provides cloud-based AI services.

In this project, Elice Group will jointly build a domestic AI semiconductor-based data center GPU and NPU integrated platform and farm led by Naver Cloud. It is a method of establishing Elice Group’s PaaS (service-type platform) on Naver Cloud’s IaaS (service-type infrastructure). As a leading company in the field of education, Elice Group demonstrated its technological capabilities by participating in demonstrating the field of cloud-based AI service education and cooperating in building AI semiconductor farms.

Elice Group will participate in building an AI ecosystem with its strength of cloud-based platform technology specialized in AI semiconductor test verification. In particular, it was highly praised for its flexible resource utilization and efficiency by applying the “dynamic allocation” technology that allocates as many GPU and NPU server resources as desired. In addition, it provides a variety of execution environments for AI developers to easily develop models with MLOps (machine learning operation) solutions that can be used immediately without separate environmental settings.

Early this year, it signed an MOU with Puriosa AI, which is participating in Naver Cloud’s business as an NPU supplier for AI semiconductors, and its accumulated research and development experience while promoting AI semiconductor demonstration also increased Elice Group’s competitiveness. Elice Group has experience in technical support and specialized solutions of Puriosa AI’s AI semiconductor “Warboy”, as well as continuing research on NPU application such as compatibility verification.

Starting with an AI-based educational practice platform, Elice Group is currently building significant achievements in the domestic digital transformation (DX) field by strengthening the construction of infrastructure such as cloud required for AI research and development, said Park Jung-kook, CTO of Elice Group. “With this project, we will build an optimal platform to supply domestic AI semiconductors in a cloud service method by implementing high-level technology, and further secure systematic know-how from IDC construction to operation and management to strengthen data management capabilities.”

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