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The Elice People Team was recently faced with a challenge: with so many new hires in each department and a rapidly growing organization, we’ve had fewer opportunities to meet each other. To help our newest members get up to speed on the organization, share our vision for Elice, and bring the Elice team closer together, we’ve organized an On and Off Gathering: All About Elice.

What is an On & Off Gathering?

An internal event that brings Elicer together to communicate and unite. On and off Gatherings are organized by the People Team to fit the concept of each season.

This time, we organized the event to coincide with the anniversary of Elsevier, bringing all Elsevier employees together to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the past six years and to connect with each other through various connections.

(This event was held in compliance with quarantine guidelines).

Part 1: Elice’s Birthday Celebration

In Part 1, the Elicer had a chance to mingle, share stories, and appreciate each other’s hard work over light refreshments. We created a photo wall to celebrate Elise’s birthday and held a photo contest for the best photo. The prize was a cute lion cushion, and we had a great turnout.

Photo Wall to Celebrate Elice’ Birthday

We watched a retrospective video of Elice’s past five years made by the Brand Communications team and celebrated with a specially made *100-point bunny cake. KDT Team Lead Jung Woo expressed his excitement and gratitude for seeing how far Elice has come.

Elice 100-point bunny cake

  • The 100-point bunny is the bunny that appears when you score 100 points on a lab question on the Elice platform.

Want to try out the Elice Platform? ▶︎체험하기

Part 2: The Elice Golden Bell.

After an emotional Part 1, Part 2 was the Elice Golden Bell, where Elysians from different departments teamed up to take on a mission. It was great to see how quickly they bonded over their love and concern for each other.

The Golden Bell was not only about Elice, but also consisted of various questions about TMI, trends, and knowledge, so we could share knowledge with each other and experience the synergy of the team.

We were surprised by the applause and cheers that erupted whenever the correct answer was revealed, but it was also fun for the People team to see the rewards of organizing the on and off gathers.

**On and Off Gathering Review. What’s new?

“I’ve been busy with work lately, and it was so fun to relieve the stress I’ve been accumulating. My teammate Hojeong is an MBTI encyclopedia, so he knew the MBTI of the Elysians right away! I was happy to be in the same team with Hojeong.”

“Actually, I work in management support, so I don’t know the details of the Elice platform, but when I solved problems on the Elice platform during the golden bell time at the Gathering, and used the classroom function myself, I was really surprised by the amazing technology. It made me feel more proud to be an Elyser.”

“Connecting with other Elsevier people I’ve never had a chance to talk to through events like this makes me feel so happy to be working with such amazing people, and it also makes me want to be that amazing person myself! Thank you so much for organizing this event!”

Elice group photo from the Elice On & Off Gathering

2021 was a year of big changes for Elice, as we grew from 30 to 70 employees and celebrated reaching KRW 10 billion in revenue. We’ve been working hard all year, and I think that’s why we were able to enjoy the event so much more.

We would like to thank everyone who loved us in 2021, and look forward to growing bigger and providing better services in 2022!

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