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You’ve heard of “DX” at least once? Now, the digital transformation of companies is accelerating so fast that the word “DX” is often seen everywhere in the industry, which has a significant impact on business competitiveness and growth. Companies that do not have digital transformation and business model improvements that create new business values cannot survive.

On the other hand, in order to take full advantage of these opportunities and take the lead, it is most important for executives and employees to have digital transformation capabilities, apply digital technology in real work, and solve problems. Internal employee training is essential to creating business value with DX.

So what kind of education is needed to foster ‘DX core talent’? Is it enough to simply learn the language of development?

What is DX PoC Project?

‘Problem Based Learning’ through PoC project is one of the most effective ways to foster DX core talent.

The DX PoC project is the process of approaching real business problems from a DX perspective, experimenting with new digital technologies and tools, and finding effective solutions. It is an appropriate training for self-directed problem solving and promoting practical digital transformation capabilities.

However, There are some difficulties in effectively introducing such training. DX tasks are difficult for individuals or teams to complete on their own without the help of experts. In addition, if employees still have a low understanding of DX, they may find it difficult to understand data analytics and model tools and learn how to use them in practice.

“DX PoC Project Training” helps you overcome these challenges and successfully carry out PoC projects with the support of step-by-step training courses and project coaches.

I’ll show you how DX PoC project training is designed and operated through real-world examples.

This is how Company A’s DX PoC project training was conducted

PoC 프로젝트, DX 프로젝트, PBL 교육 사례, DX 교육, 디지털 전환
▲ Company A Case Summary

Company A also conducted PoC project training with Elice to feel the need for digital transformation and improve the DX capabilities of executives and employees.
PoC project training will generally be carried out as follows, taking into account the industry groups and characteristics of the company.

PoC Project Training Timeline

PoC 프로젝트, DX 프로젝트, PBL 교육 사례, DX 교육, 디지털 전환
▲ Training Curriculum Timeline

  1. Selecting key DX professional talent and evaluating capabilities

    • Select key personnel to participate in DX PoC project training based on in-house DX objectives and talent development plans. The number of people can be adjusted according to the requirements of each company and the training period.
    • Conduct an individual DX competency assessment of DX and understanding of data science concepts and terms.
    • Select individual DX task topics.
  2. Perform basic learning and practice to carry out DX PoC projects

    • In order to carry out projects, basic concepts such as digital literacy and data science understanding are taught.
    • After learning the concept, we learn how to use data science tools such as Orange3 through practice, and based on this, we practice solving DX problems such as data analysis and model design. Understand the development process.

▲ PoC project training on Elice LXP

  1. Select PoC project topics and data

    • Select the appropriate project topic and create a plan for the PoC project to be carried out. Organize the PoC project overview, relevant datasets, objectives of the problem you are trying to solve, and expected effects.
    • Prior to actual project implementation, the project coach will review and provide feedback on the PoC proposal that has been developed.
  2. Performing and coaching individual projects

    • Self-directed problem-solving process with guidance and support on topic and data selection and how to utilize data science tools.
    • The coach manages the progress of individual projects and conducts coaching to solve the difficulties of the trainees.
    • Conduct a full-day coaching session to complete the final completion of the PoC project. Get help from coaches in real-time on areas where they need help in the course of the project, such as refining and analyzing data and designing models based on project objectives. Subsequently, the final project report is submitted.
  3. Announcement of individual projects and selection of excellent tasks

    • Present each PoC project and select the best challenges.
    • The best practices can be selected as enterprise-wide DX initiatives to provide consulting and technical discussions for practical system development.

DX PoC Project Process

So let’s take a closer look at how individual PoC projects work out.
PoC 프로젝트, DX 프로젝트, PBL 교육 사례, DX 교육 사례, 디지털 전환
▲ DX PoC Project Process

The project is largely carried out through the above six steps. First, let’s each select a problem and learn the background knowledge and analysis tools necessary to solve this problem. In this process, it is done in a way that receives the necessary support from the instructor. Learners, not instructors, can be the center of training to solve problems based on real problem scenarios.

In other words, the core of the PoC project is that you will gain practical application and your own insights in the process of acquiring the information and skills you need to solve your chosen problems.

PoC 프로젝트, DX 프로젝트, PBL 교육 사례, DX 교육 사례, 엘리스LXP
▲ PoC project training on Elice LXP

Expected competencies and results after taking DX PoC project training

After taking the PoC project training like that, what capabilities and results can our executives and employees get? Executives and employees of non-development engineers were able to actually produce the following results while working on the project.

  • Topic and data selection and problem definition
    PoC 프로젝트, DX 프로젝트, PBL 교육 사례, DX 교육 사례, 디지털 전환
  • Data preprocessing and exploratory analysis
    PoC 프로젝트, DX 프로젝트, PBL 교육 사례, DX 교육 사례, 디지털 전환
  • Applying Model
    PoC 프로젝트, DX 프로젝트, PBL 교육 사례, DX 교육 사례, 머신러닝 모델
    PoC 프로젝트, DX 프로젝트, PBL 교육 사례, DX 교육 사례, 디지털 전환

  • Development of limitations and expected effects based on PoC results
    PoC 프로젝트, DX 프로젝트, PBL 교육, DX 교육, 디지털 전환

Effect at corporate level

Fostering DX talent by developing executives and employees’ practical ability to solve DX problems
Through PoC projects, you can effectively improve your understanding of DX and improve your ability to solve problems in the field.

Developing data scientist capabilities
Develop the ability to cultivate the DX mindset of employees and communicate with professional technical personnel and internal employees who are business domain stakeholders.

Draws corporate DX challenges
You can draw practical DX challenges from DX key people in a bottom-up manner and actively seek solutions.

The most effective way to improve employees’ practical DX capabilities is project-based training, starting from a field problem.
Are you more curious about PBL training that can discover corporate-level DX tasks?

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