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In the last module, we looked at the concept and usage of ChatGPT. ChatGPT is already deeply embedded in our daily lives in various ways. Thus, understanding and effectively using ChatGPT’s features can provide convenience in daily life and prove helpful in tasks beyond the everyday. Today, we’ll examine cases where ChatGPT has improved efficiency in both professional and personal settings, while also delving into key considerations before utilizing ChatGPT.

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Case Studies of Company ChatGPT Use

Quizlet ‘Q-Chat’

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The first ChatGPT usage case is the “Q-Chat” service launched by Quizlet, a global learning platform. More than 60 million students use this educational platform for learning, practicing problem-solving, and mastering subjects. Quizlet has worked with OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, over the past three years, and uses GPT-3 for various learning services such as vocabulary learning programs and mock tests. Quizlet has developed a new educational AI chatbot called Q-Chat that integrates ChatGPT, and based on the questions asked by students it can measure the students’ proficiency and answer with appropriate examples using the Socrates method.

My Real Trip ‘AI Travel Planner’

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The second ChatGPT case is MyReal Trip “AI Travel Planner” service. My Real Trip is an app that allows you to search for and purchase travel products such as airline tickets, accommodations, tours, and tickets. In February 2023, the “AI Travel Planner” service using OpenAI ChatGPT was launched, a service that allowed you to receive related travel information in real-time and plan schedules. It provides useful functions for users preparing for travel by allowing them to exchange real-time conversations on various topics related to travel, such as restaurants, weather tips, attractions, and travel recommendations. For example, if you ask for a five-night, six-day trip to Tokyo, Japan, the “AI Travel Planner” suggests a travel plan according to the schedule and itinerary. You can also easily get additional information on how to find the cheapest tickets and most popular travel packages.

Speak ‘AI tutor’

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The third case involving ChatGPT is the Speek “AI Tutor” service. Speek, an AI voice recognition-based English learning application, provides an experience that feels like having a real conversation with a native speaker, thanks to its in-house AI technology. Speek has partnered with OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, to incorporate AI technology into English education. While they already possessed their own AI generation model, they conducted the partnership with OpenAI to leverage even higher levels of AI capabilities.

After the technology partnership with OpenAI, the GPT -4-based ‘AI Tutor’ was released. The AI tutor is a service that allows users to engage in free-flowing conversations with AI, akin to actual native speakers, as it understands context, mood, and situation, enabling it to converse in English like a real native speaker. Since its release, it has conducted over two million lessons and swiftly became the central feature of Speek within just three months. The “AI Tutor,” built on GPT-4, evaluates the user’s language proficiency, offering personalized feedback that goes beyond simple grammar correction to replace awkward expressions with commonly used native speaker phrases. In this regard, Speek has announced its plans to continuously release additional applications related to GPT-4.

Goodoc ‘Healthy AI Chatbot’

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The fourth ChatGPT case is Gooddoc’s “Healthy AI Chatbot.” The healthcare platform Goodoc has introduced a ‘Health AI Chatbot’ service incorporating ChatGPT. This service rapidly provides answers to health-related questions through AI. The “Healthy AI Chatbot” service provides users with an AI that quickly answers questions related to health procedures. Because artificial intelligence answers are generated immediately, they can be applied by anyone in a timely manner. It is also expected to further enhance the universality and familiarity of health services by laying the foundation of immediate solutions to matters concerning health.

Wrtn ‘Chat Wrtn’

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The fifth case of ChatGPT usage is “Chat WRTN.” Chat WRTN is a chatbot service launched by WRTN Technologies, which provides AI content creation services through GPT-4. Like ChatGPT, it provides the ability to create and modify content through conversations. Combining GPT-4, “Chat WRTN” provides an interactive service that instantly gives customized answers to more than 50 different fields. This technology has helped bolster AI writing services and can be used in various ways such as drafting business documents.

Elice GPT-3-Based Coding Learning Assistant Chatbot ‘AI Helpy’

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The last ChatGPT usage case I’m going to introduce is Elice’s “AI Helpy.” Company DX specialized education company Elice has launched “AI Helpy,” a GPT-3-based coding learning assistance AI chatbot. In the Help Center, which also provides Q&A functionality, “AI Helpy” helps learners solve and deconstruct code to correct errors. It also has the ability to organize code concisely or translate it into other programming languages.

Elice used 150,000 Q&A sessions and more than 400 million text tokens to improve performance and was able to devise an optimized coding Q&A through fine-tuning a pre-trained machine learning model. The usage of AI Helpy has actually increased significantly as its feedback speed has been 13.5 times faster than the tutor function that was serviced by humans. Access to coding is also expected to be improved through AI Helpy because it can provide quick feedback and assist with a variety of coding problems such as debugging, interpretation, code conversion, and time complexity calculation.

5 Things to check before using ChatGPT

From the cases mentioned before, we can conclude companies want to introduce ChatGPT functionality in their services in order to increase efficiency. However, it is important to clearly know what you plan to do with ChatGPT and what purposes it serves through its implementation. It is recommended that you check the following before introducing the ChatGPT API into corporate services.

1) Check the areas ChatGPT will be used in

You should start by defining in detail which areas in the customer experience the services that will take advantage of ChatGPT can improve. You also need to determine where it will benefit your ChatGPT-integrated enterprise, such as improving customer support, simplifying the sales process, or providing customized referral services.

2) Set goals

Once you have identified what you want to leverage, you need to set specific goals for each area of ChatGPT enterprise implementation. For example, the goal of customer support can be to reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction.

3) Data Collection

To effectively train ChatGPT for each of its applications, the company must collect data on customer interactions. Examples of data include chat logs, customer feedback, and other relevant data.

4) ChatGPT Training

ChatGPT can be trained using collected data to provide helpful answers to customer inquiries. Therefore, it is important to create a response database that ChatGPT can reference when interacting with customers.

5) ChatGPT Deployment

Upon completion of ChatGPT training, the company can distribute ChatGPT-based services to websites, messenger platforms, or other related channels. After deployment, consistent action is required to monitor the performance and improve the effectiveness of ChatGPT.

So far, we’ve looked at the details of ChatGPT corporate usage cases. While many may recognize the importance of increasing productivity through the introduction of ChatGPT, they may also feel out of their element due to how different its usage is from the way work has been traditionally done until now. If you are interested in improving the work productivity of executives and employees by using ChatGPT, it would be a good idea to consider Elice ChatGPT corporate education.

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Since the release of ChatGPT, various companies and industries have been conducting research and development to utilize AI technology. Fast adaptation and putting ChatGPT and other AI technologies to good use has become an essential capability for modern companies. In order to apply new AI technology to businesses well, it is important to have the digital capacity to accept these changes. This is why many companies have been pushing for digital transformation recently. Elice offers customized DX solutions tailored to each company to help them gain competitiveness through successful digital transformation. If you have concerns about digital transformation, it would be a good idea to look at Elice’s industry-specific DX solutions and apply for customized consulting.

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