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For Elice, education is not only about the people who receive it, but also about the people who do it and the people who run it. For Elice, the classroom is a platform. For her, the classroom is a place where different people involved in education come together, interact, and create better opportunities.
Our Values

Elice delivers multiple values through education.


Personal growth
A growing individual is a prerequisite for a growing company. We believe that when personal growth and corporate goals meet in one place, unparalleled results will result.


Diversity of the team
When a group of talented individuals come together to form a team, the most important thing is diversity. Through execution based on diverse opinions, the team becomes stronger.


Contribution to society
We never forget that companies are also part of society. It is an important value of Elice to participate in creating a better society by solving problems with impact.
What We Do

Based on the cloud, we create opportunities for growth and innovation in society with a three-step structure of training, assessment, and recruitment.

Elice Enterprises
Hands-on training that aligns with your enterprise's DX training goals and takes into account the capabilities of your employees.
Elice Academy
We provide programming education tailored to your goals, whether it's for employment, academics, or empowerment.
Elice Test
Get real-world experience and see your skills grow with this authorized assessment.
Elice Works
Build your best career with our developer job search and recruiting platform.


2022. 12.
Smart App Awards 2022 Specialized Education Awards
Minister of Science and ICT Commendation for Cloud Industry Development
2022. 11.
HolonIQ East Asia EdTech 150 Selected for 2nd consecutive year
2022. 11
Credit Guarantee Fund Innovation Icon Selection
2022. 01.
Won the Korea First Brand Award for Coding Education
2021. 12.
Special Award (Technology Innovation) at the Korea Internet Awards
2021. 11.
Selected for HolonIQ East Asia EdTech 150
Commended by the Minister of Science and ICT at ICT InnoFesta
2021. 10.
Winner of the 5th 4th Industrial Revolution Award
2021. 05.
Selected as a 2021 Global ICT Future Unicorn Fostering Company by the Ministry of Science and ICT
2019. 09.
Won the Prime Minister's Award at Edutech Fair
2018. 05.
Won the Amazon AWS AI Challenge Excellence Award
Won the KAIST Entrepreneurship Competition
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Elice News

Various news from Elice.

Hello T
Elice Inc. supports operation of Jeonbuk Software AI Challenge Competition
Electronic Times
Faces of glory at the New SW Product Awards December Awards Ceremony
Electronic Times
[New SW Product Award December Winner] Elice Inc. ‘Elice LXP’
AI Times
Elice Inc. holds AI platform back-end competition... Recorded competition rate of 15 to 1 in the finals
Elice Inc. receives the Busan Mayor’s Award for its contribution to nurturing digital talent

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