Even if this is your first time, you can still come up with solutions that work

Even if this is your first time, you can still come up with solutions that work



SK Networks

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  • 1000+ people

Introduction to servers

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Digital Capacity Building

SK Networks

With a 70-year existence, SK Networks is an established business. The company’s business structure has evolved over the years from a textile company to a trade company to an IT terminal and petroleum product distribution company, with the growth of Korea’s industry over the years. Our company has innovated by continuously rearranging our organizational structure and concentrating on the rental of cars, along with mobility enterprises, kitchen appliances, and environmentally friendly home products.

Since 2017, we have embraced digital transformation more quickly than anybody else in an effort to find new customer-oriented values. We’ve tried seminars and internal forums, and in 2019, we trained over 2,000 employees company-wide in digital transformation over the course of nine months.

Accessible and flexible learning resources

Elice was recommended by a KAIST employee who took into account the possibility of over 2,000 people learning simultaneously. In 2019, SK Networks offered level 1 training, which was required for all employees, for around nine months. Members who passed the test were then eligible for level 2 training. Since education differs depending on the level, students are free to select the training period that best fits their schedules and access online training via a PC or mobile device at any time.

A curriculum that is engaging and enjoyable

Elice’s greatest benefit is its assortment of exercises, which let students gauge their comprehension level using an online learning platform. It was quite beneficial in making up for the deficiencies through the assignment. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. While taking an online course on your own might be time-consuming and challenging, the first step in learning to code is as simple as playing a game. My ongoing education has renewed my interest in coding.

Training that works well and may be applied to practice right away

Elice’s educational program has improved their digital capabilities and given them a solid foundation in skills. Even though this was my first experience with coding, I was able to put it to use right away and come up with a solution by integrating actual internal data with external APIs. After receiving training, a liberal arts employee in charge of sales and planning for the rental car business department devised a way to use internal data to map the locations of frequent rental car accidents. The “BM Innovation Promotion Team” is a specialized department that has been set up to evaluate and use data as a number of cases applied to real work have surfaced. We have established the ideal atmosphere for creating solutions that leverage internal data for service and business innovation, thanks to new technology and knowledge.

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