Training on successful coding for marketing and product development

Training on successful coding for marketing and product development



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SK Magic Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1985, SK Magic Co., Ltd. has concentrated on the production of home kitchen appliances and the rental industry. For more than 35 years, it has been a major rival in the introduction of goods that cater to consumers’ demands at the right moment.

It presently has the largest market share of seven essential home kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers, gas and electric stoves, and direct water purifiers. Lately, it has drawn interest from consumers for both home kitchen appliances and environmental appliances.

Customers continue to choose SK Magic Co., Ltd. for its cutting-edge technology, product development that is founded on ongoing customer research, and exceptional customer service initiatives. As a result, it has maintained a steady growth trajectory in the highly competitive household kitchen appliance industry. More recently, the expansion of SK Magic Co., Ltd. has been driven by the success of its rental industry.

A well-organized and robust curriculum

Since other affiliates in the group used Elice as a teaching tool, it was well-recognized that it was a successful platform. The first round of training, which took place in 2019 and lasted for roughly eight months, was designed to increase members’ understanding of data and was centered on learning Python fundamentals, programming arithmetic, and basic programming. It was required of all participants. I had previously learned to code with a different approach, but I really enjoyed the curriculum and the way I was able to study because Elice allowed me to pick only the most crucial and important stuff.

Practice-oriented, personalized online lectures

I practiced coding in real-time while watching lecture videos, so there was no difference in effectiveness from offline lectures. It was especially beneficial to learn coding on a personal level whenever and wherever I could, including late on the weekends or during the course of the week. The ability to receive one-on-one assistance from a qualified instructor at any time while I was learning was also a huge benefit.

Training can help develop meaningful solutions

For participants who finished Level 1, a unique practical project called “AI School” was offered. Seven teams in all came together to work on various projects. Among them, a group came up with a plan to lower overdue costs by using customer data analysis to forecast past-due dates and identify areas that need improvement before delinquency arises. In order to increase quality and service in product development and marketing, other teams have created solutions that use additional factors to find the purchase-satisfying element for products using keyword research. A number of solutions have been developed, such as predicting when to take advantage of rental products based on their life cycle utilizing public data and adjusting marketing campaigns accordingly. Thanks to Elice’s training, a culture of sharing and active encouragement of data analysis and results at the enterprise level was established. This extended to anyone, even those outside the development team, who believed that internal data could be actively applied to real-world work, solve problems, or improve product quality.

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