A proof-of-concept project to empower internal data decision-making

A proof-of-concept project to empower internal data decision-making




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Enhancement of In-House Data Capabilities

Proof of Concept (PoC) Project for Strengthening In-House Data-Driven Decision-Making Abilities


Ottogi is a comprehensive food company that provides safe and high-quality food in state-of-the-art facilities and a hygienic environment. As a leading player in the industry, Ottogi is dedicated to digital transformation for sustained competitive advantage. Particularly, Ottogi aims to enhance organizational decision-making capabilities by effectively leveraging internal data. To achieve this goal, Ottogi collaborated with Elice for a 6-week PoC project, focusing on improving in-house data analysis capabilities and nurturing talents capable of extracting insights from internal data.

Thorough Pre-training for PoC Project

Before commencing the PoC project, comprehensive pre-training was conducted. A dedicated domain for Ottogi was established, and pre-training took place through the Elice platform. Building a solid foundation before initiating the project was crucial. Pre-training enhanced participants’ understanding and facilitated smooth project execution.

Ottogi, internal data, proof-of-concept projects, data analytics, data utilization
▲ Ottogi Dedicated Domain

Pre-training comprised theoretical lessons, quizzes, and practical exercises, ensuring systematic learning. Participants could swiftly obtain answers and explanations through AI helpers during self-paced learning. Despite being pre-training for the PoC project, the curriculum was meticulously designed to identify and address any deficiencies in the skills required for the project. As a result, participants completed pre-training seamlessly, preparing them for the upcoming PoC project.

Ottogi, internal data, proof-of-concept projects, data analytics, data utilization
▲ Elice Platform and AI Help Reference Screen

PoC Project for Enhancing Data-Driven Decision-Making Abilities

In the context of the PoC project, “PoC” stands for proof of concept, where actual project implementation is tested or verified before full-scale execution. A data analysis PoC project within a company involves utilizing internal data to address problems and achieve goals. Ottogi’s PoC project also utilized internal data to enhance decision-making capabilities.

The project was designed considering Ottogi’s specific situation, maintaining security for internal data utilization. The goal was to enhance decision-making abilities based on internal data. The project involved collecting and analyzing internal data to derive insights and improve business processes. As it was a project using actual internal data, it focused on delivering content applicable to immediate business use. Tasks such as crawling Naver reviews, analyzing trend data using analytical tools, deriving insights from sales data, and formulating sales strategies were carried out. Participants gained hands-on experience in the entire data analysis process through visualization.

Ottogi, internal data, proof-of-concept projects, data analytics, data utilization
▲ Students working on a proof-of-concept project.

Expertise of the Instructor and Close Communication

In offline education, effective communication with instructors significantly impacts the satisfaction of participants. The instructor for Ottogi’s PoC project, with extensive experience in the field, maintained a high level of participant satisfaction. Besides delivering lectures, the instructor managed the learning process meticulously, encouraging active participation.

Ottogi, internal data, proof-of-concept projects, data analytics, data utilization
▲ Q&A reference screen for questions and feedback

During the project period, the instructor concurrently conducted both education and project coaching. Operating regular Q&A sessions, immediate resolution of inquiries took place, leading to a tightly-knit completion of the project. Through weekly questioning and feedback exchange, a smooth communication process between the instructor and participants facilitated the execution of a more polished project. Additionally, due to the instructor’s passionate approach to education, participants actively engaged in the project, successfully concluding the entire process and receiving education completion certificates.

High Participant Satisfaction and Positive Reviews

Ottogi’s PoC project achieved an average satisfaction score of 4.8 points, with a perfect education satisfaction score of 5 points, indicating high overall satisfaction. Particularly noteworthy were the opinions expressing appreciation for learning practical methods of utilizing technology in real-world scenarios, given the nature of the PoC project utilizing internal data. Participants found value in deriving insights from internal data, learning practical application methods, and gaining assistance in making better decisions based on data. Positive feedback indicated a successful learning experience.

Ottogi, internal data, proof-of-concept projects, data analytics, data utilization

As observed in Ottogi’s education case, it is crucial for companies in the current business environment to prepare for digital transformation tailored to their specific situations. Elice accurately assesses the digital transformation (DX) status of various companies, analyzes education demand levels, and provides customized educational programs. Recently, many companies have shown interest in enhancing skills such as data collection and analysis, and Elice offers optimal DX solutions tailored to the industry and digital transformation capabilities of each company. For those looking to strengthen in-house data utilization capabilities or seeking tailored DX education solutions for their companies, exploring Elice solutions is highly recommended!

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