Improve your practical field AI capabilities with industry-specific AI training

Improve your practical field AI capabilities with industry-specific AI training




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Purpose of Introduction: Support for AI conversion in the materials/parts industry


NIPA, the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, is working on a number of AI-related projects, including supporting AI semiconductor application demonstrations and AI vouchers, as part of its mission to become an ICT-specialized agency that leads in digital innovation.

The “enhancement of AI capabilities for industrial professionals” project was one of them. It began with the realization that, despite the necessity for quick AI conversion, many industries still lack the necessary labor, technology, and usage data. AI convergence technology is currently being developed primarily by large corporations or university-research institutions R&D, with few small and medium-sized businesses having committed personnel and organizations. There is a significant technological gap between major corporations and SMEs, making it difficult for SMEs to gain a competitive advantage.

Elice was in charge of training in the area of materials and parts as part of a project sponsored by NIPA to design and supply an AI curriculum to address this issue.

AI Education
▲ Application page for the intermediate management course designed for industry professionals to enhance AI capabilities.

Curriculum designed specifically for the material and components industries to increase their practical AI capabilities

The trained content has to be put into practice as soon as possible in order to close the technology gap that exists in the materials and components industry between large and small enterprises. Elice was primarily focused on creating curricula that may assist corporations, rather than teaching literacy based on moral principles.

▲ Industrial Specialized Education Curriculum Planning Course

In order to as closely as possible represent the real demands of the industry, we began the training topic selection process with interviews with digital transformation managers and industry demand surveys. As recommended by the industry expert Nano Technology Research Association, we included teaching on popular subjects in the industry right now, such as batteries and polymers. We also made improvements to the process, which was highly welcomed by trainees the year before, by considering their feedback. We developed five training programs with a focus on the material and components sector through this method, matching up teachers with the most qualified specialists.

▲ 2023 AI Intermediate Manager Curriculum for Industry Professional Personnel

More precise instruction using actual data

Trainees were able to learn industry-specific AI since they could use real material and components industry data. The primary factor that determined the selection of training topics was the possibility of using actual industrial data. This was because the company’s AI digital transformation would only be significantly impacted if the knowledge gained could be put to use in the workplace. We were able to obtain real field data with the help of government-funded research organizations, and eventually, the Nano Technology Research Association conducted a content inspection. By improving the accuracy of industry-related content, trainees who are actually working in the field are able to receive more accurate instruction.

▲ Elice’s own industry-specific education platform, Elice LXP

The synergy between platform and content

Thanks to Elice’s own platform, I was able to receive a better education in addition to the curriculum. While there are plenty of resources with instructional information, Elice even has a practice-focused platform where he can take advantage of synergies with his own AI education materials. It had the effect of decreasing the entry barrier for rookie trainees by allowing them to practice what they learned immediately on the platform without the need for a separate program to be installed.

Through specialized training in the materials and components industries, trainee satisfaction reached 90.6 points

Elice, an industry professional, is running a two-year middle manager course in artificial intelligence (AI) in 2022 and 2023. Training for 2023 is currently in progress. The graduates’ satisfaction rating from the previous year’s course was 90.6 out of 100. The curriculum that enables us to use the platform and practice in the field has been well accepted.

▲ Review of AI Trainees for Industrial Professionals

Elice considers how to give an educated person the best beneficial education possible. Even for government projects where dependability is essential, we were able to deliver a highly satisfied curriculum by actively reflecting industry demand and creating synergy between platforms and instructional content. Would you like to learn more about Elice DX training, which has successfully managed a number of government education projects? Please select “Contact” from the menu below to schedule a consultation if you have any questions.

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