Platform and educational content that reliably reduces the administrative burden on instructors

Platform and educational content that reliably reduces the administrative burden on instructors



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Conducting Basic Programming Lectures

Department of Communications Engineering, Korea University

Korea University’s Department of Communications Engineering was established by Samsung Electronics and Korea University with the aim of cultivating talented people in the field of information and communication technology, which is the driving force of future social development. Founded in 2022, we are working on education that encompasses software, hardware, theory and practice related to information and communication technology.

As the Department of Communications Engineering is a new department, careful guidance and class management were needed for students in the department. However, it was difficult to do this because there was a lack of professors and assistants compared to the existing departments. We needed a new way to manage classes efficiently within the resources we had, while not missing the quality of education.

Korea University’s Department of Communications Engineering, which was looking for new ways, decided to give basic programming lectures for first graders with Elice. It was a way to get customized curriculum and educational content along with the platform needed for classes and assignments.

Elice LXP, a platform that relieves the burden on professors

The biggest reason for choosing Elice in Korea University was its stable platform, which also played a major role in minimizing the burden on instructors. Students' data such as learning progress and code execution/submission can be checked at a glance on the dashboard, so I was able to conveniently grasp the overall progress of the education.

In addition, LXP’s own function directly reduced the number of assistants. Using the Open Booking feature, we were able to set up all the lectures in advance and make them available to students for each week instead of having to upload them every week. With the automatic scoring system, we were able to finish the mid-term to final exam scoring as well as each lesson practice much faster than when we did it manually.

In addition, we were able to save a lot of resources for professors and assistants by doing a lot of work at the Elice Help Center until Q&A with students. At the help center, professional field tutors and AI chatbot Helpy provided real-time answers to questions, offsetting the disadvantages of online lectures that it was difficult to receive immediate answers. Elice Library function allows for immediate maintenance of educational materials as it can be modified in units of data each time.

Lecture contents that don’t miss out on the quality

It was also important to reduce the instructor’s resources as much as possible while not missing the quality of education. In this part, Elice’s content was most suitable for Korea University’s Department of Communications Engineering and basic education.

The curriculum is basically structured to maximize the effectiveness of online learning. In order to maintain students’ concentration, we organized several divided theoretical videos at a time, and provided quizzes and practices accordingly so that they could actually apply the theory. The coding practice window within the Elice platform was almost different from the actual coding environment, so it was convenient to use without installing a separate program.

The difference is that Elice education is much more hands-on compared to K-Mooc, which is generally used as an online lecture for credit at universities. This is particularly effective in programming learning, where it is important to write and embody the code. Of course, you can practice coding while listening to K-Mooc lectures, but there are still barriers in basic lectures, such as learners having to set up a practice environment on their own.

A smooth one-semester lecture with Elice LXP

In fact, an assistant in Korea University’s Department of Communications Engineering, who conducted classes for a semester, responded that Elice LXP’s management function was particularly convenient. This was because you could check the progress of more than 30 students and the details of code execution and submission on the dashboard at a glance. It is said that the course management has become much easier because we were able to answer additional questions from students by checking the test scores and answers immediately. Online lectures are difficult to check in person if students are taking them well due to their nature, but thanks to LXP’s various management functions, I was able to conduct the class smoothly for one semester.

Elice LXP m and educational content worked together to solve the problem of Korea University’s Department of Communications Engineering. If you’re looking for lecture content and an LMS platform that’s perfect for your school or company, apply for a light consultation right now.

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