The best training program to help executives and staff become more proficient with technology

The best training program to help executives and staff become more proficient with technology



CJ OliveNetworks

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Digital Capacity Building

CJ OliveNetworks Co., Ltd.

Since its founding more than 27 years ago, CJ OliveNetworks Co., Ltd. has effectively offered IT services based on life and culture, including manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and media. The firm has also consistently held company-wide training sessions for ongoing development and innovation. We are guiding CJ Group affiliates’ digital innovation for digital transformation, taking into account our members’ skills in future new technologies like as mobile in 2017, big data in 2018, and AI education in 2019. About 1,200 people work for us in the IT department.

A curriculum that is both methodical and differentiated

The basic competitiveness of CJ OliveNetworks Co., Ltd. is strongly linked to the competencies of its members, as the company provides IT services. We consequently needed continuous training on cutting-edge, constantly-evolving technologies. We finished four stages of AI training in six months: basic, introduction, in-depth, and specialized. One notable exception was Elice’s wide and well-structured curriculum, which kept up with the quickly changing technical trends. The training resulted in the creation of a new machine learning section within the data department, and executives and staff members who completed the entire program training became “AI experts.” Unexpectedly, a single worker developed a deep learning-based system by himself. We created an image classifier using a synthetic neural network for visual image analysis, in addition to creating a system that can recognize gender, age, and emotional status by linking an emotional recognition model with a live camera to illuminate the face.

Platform designed for practical instruction

Since it was limited to watching videos, the online education that was available at the time had a strong academic emphasis. Elice, on the other hand, specializes in practice-based practical training that is appropriate for corporate education. What made it even more appealing was that it was a platform designed specifically for teaching programming, running on a server stable enough to support over 1,200 students learning at once. Training should begin as soon as possible, with all members receiving instruction to determine who is proficient. Elice is a valuable enterprise education platform that has expanded the opportunities available to our highly qualified members while guaranteeing efficacy and efficiency.

One-stop shop for instruction and hands-on practice

Elice made education easier and evaluation more equitable by centralizing practice and testing onto a single platform. Elice administered practical tests rather than formal tests. After taking the introduction course, 100 individuals were chosen, of whom 40 completed the advanced course, 100 finished the subsequent basic course, and 10 finished all of the AI courses up until the specialized course. There were non-majors who did not work on development among the final 10, which equally comprised employees, managers, assistant managers, and other roles. Excellent personnel, regardless of rank, were chosen using this step-by-step selection technique.

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