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Cheat-free competency testing solutions

Based on digital training and assessment know-how from large domestic companies, we provide customized competency diagnostic tests to hire the right talent for your company.

competency testing solutions
Reliable for up to 2,000 concurrent users

Reliable for up to 2,000 concurrent users

It uses an auto-scaling approach that automatically increases servers based on usage. Large-scale testing and sudden traffic spikes are no problem.

Easy ID verification
even remotely

Easy ID verification even remotely

Candidates can easily take a photo of their ID with a QR code using the Elice app, and proctors can verify IDs during or after the test.

Share your device screen
and camera at the same time

Share your device screen and camera at the same time

You can simultaneously share your device's screen and camera with the test room. Shared footage can be viewed by proctors in real time.

Keep a close eye on
with multiple webcams

Keep a close eye on with multiple webcams

Triple monitor a candidate's webcam, monitor, and mobile screen with the Multi-Webcam feature. Record for later review.

Easily create questions and proctor tests

In five easy steps, you can create questions, invite test takers, and view test results.
❶ Submit a question
You can create your own questions, or import questions from a library.
❷ Test Setup
You have the freedom to customize your tests, including question sets, time limits, whether to release grades, and advance announcements.
❸ Invite candidates
Invite test takers by email or link. Admins can ensure that only those who sign up in advance can take the test.
❹ Test proctoring
Monitor/webcam/mobile screen sharing and recording to prevent cheating.
❺ Check test results
See your test results at a glance. You can download your test data in Excel as well as your test results.

Test taking made easy for everyone

As long as you have a computer with a camera and a web browser, you can take the test right away. You can also use the mobile app.
❶ Test preparation
Before taking the test, make sure your surroundings are clear of any misunderstandings and that you have all the supplies you need.
❷ Accessing the test site
Access the test site link, share your monitor/webcam/mobilecam, and take your ID to get ready for the test.
❸ Take the test
Select the programming language you want to use for the exam. If you have any questions, you can use the chat room to ask.
❹ Submit the test
After verifying that all answers have been submitted successfully, make the final submission for the test.

Real-time fraud monitoring

Discover powerful anti-cheating features that control even the candidate's computer environment.

Force screen and webcam sharing
You can make it so that candidates can't enter a test unless they share their screen and webcam.
Controlling a dual-monitor environment
Control the environment so test takers can't share answers or browse the internet across dual monitors.
Control programs such as SNS and Notepad
Know what other programs are running on your personal computer and report them to your supervisor.
Online supervision and recording capabilities
View and alert on test takers' webcams, monitors, and mobile screens in real time.

Introduce systematic and varied evaluation methods.

Consider the purpose of the test and your company's talent pool before making your decision.

Algorithmic coding test

Screen potential new developers by verifying that they can properly analyze instructions and write efficient code.

Assessing job competencies

Validate that you have the skills required for each job, including data science, AI, web development, and data literacy.


Discover the best data experts in your organization with a data analytics-AI competition. Activate a culture of data-driven decision-making by directly solving real-world problems.


Employees are encouraged to share their projects and code with each other and advance their ideas. Feedback from each other will strengthen your skills and enrich your projects.

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