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Best practices for large-scale online training for AI practitioners

Online training has been in the spotlight since the pandemic was declared, and many organizations are still looking for it. It is expected that the online training market will continue to expand in the future because it has the great advantage of providing personalized training as well as anytime, anywhere training. Many people are wondering whether it is possible to manage online training and learning for thousands of people instead of tens or hundreds of people. In this content, we will introduce the case of Company A, which conducted large-scale online training through the Elice learning management platform.

Company A is a customer who has been using Elice for employee training for the past year. In the first half of 2023, the company conducted a large-scale online DX training program for more than 1,500 new employees to improve their AI skills. The DX training program lasted for three weeks, 8 hours every day from Monday to Friday, with all teaching, learning, learning management, and supervision conducted entirely online. Let’s take a look at how the company was able to prevent learners from dropping out and effectively conduct online training for about 120 hours.

Facial recognition attendance to read large classes at once

Many people are concerned about whether learners will stay engaged and learn properly during online training, especially those who have only been exposed to VOD-centric lectures. They often think that there is a high probability of learners doing other things or dropping out during online training. They also think that attendance checks are very cumbersome because they need to be checked by administrators. To solve these problems, Elice provides a facial recognition attendance feature. With the attendance book feature, you can automatically recognize learners’ faces and check their records. You can see when learners are learning and when they leave, so you can prevent them from leaving the course on and doing other things.

Company A also actively utilized the attendance feature to manage the attendance and learning status of 1,500 new employees. With facial recognition attendance, they were able to see who was in, who was out, and how long they stayed, making it much easier for training staff to manage.

▲ Screen to view attendance and facial recognition history

Classrooms with real-time live lectures

Company A’s training consisted of a combination of attending lectures by instructors and self-study through online content. The lectures were held in real time, utilizing the classroom feature within the Elice learning platform, which eliminates the need to log in to other services such as Zoom. Unlike other video solutions, Elice Classroom is designed for training purposes, so attendance records and lecture recordings are all available. It also supports breakout sessions, which makes it easy to organize large-scale trainings of more than 1,000 people, such as at Company A. This is an advantage.

From an administrator’s perspective, it’s very easy to set up a classroom on the platform, and there’s even a feature that sends out weekly reminders to schedule live lectures, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling students.

▲ The classroom screen during a live lecture

Online content for anytime, anywhere learning

In addition to live lectures, online content is provided for students to learn at any time. The platform is organized so that students can study autonomously without the constraints of time and place. In particular, Company A had a need for DX training where new employees can define their own problems, select data and AI models, and complete projects. Therefore, the curriculum and content were organized accordingly, and during the training, we received feedback on the content by module and reflected it to provide customized content for Company A. We also wanted to provide customized content.

In the Elice platform, you can easily register various types of learning materials such as videos, PDFs, labs, and external URLs. It supports not only programming labs but also quizzes and videos to encourage students to actively learn. In addition, the lab environment is very convenient for students because it is all done on the Elice platform without any installation.

Test monitoring for complete control over module testing

In the case of Company A’s new employee training, module tests were conducted on a weekly basis to check learning status and evaluate skills. Module tests were also conducted within the Elice platform. It was managed through Elice Test’s triple monitoring system and solutions. Even though it was a large-scale test, we were able to systematically prevent cheating and diagnose students’ learning status smoothly.

▲ Test Monitoring Screen

In this content, we introduced a large-scale online training case of Company A. Company A is utilizing the Elice platform to conduct training for last year, the first half of this year, and the second half of this year. As it is a large-scale training, they are actively utilizing various features within the Elice platform to ensure smooth training.

In order to run online training well, high-quality training content and simple and systematic training management are essential. As I explained earlier, the Elice platform is optimized for online learning with various contents and features. If you need an online training and assessment solution for company-wide training, job competency training, competency assessment, etc.

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