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In 2021, blockchain and virtual currency were all the buzz in the IT industry. With the metaverse and NFTs craze, everyone has taken to the frontlines in actively trying to integrate the metaverse into their businesses, and the following aftershocks have continued until 2022. In 2023, the AI craze driven by ChatGPT is now circulating within the IT industry. It is no exaggeration to say that AI technology is the representative technology trend of 2023.

In 2023, Counterpoint Research pointed to “ABIoT,” which combines AI technology with blockchain and IoT field technologies, as a technology trend that will see great development in the future. In the case of IoT technology, it is already being highly utilized and providing convenience to our daily lives. IoT is a technology trend we must pay attention to in 2023, and therefore, in this module, I would like to summarize the meaning of IoT, IoT technology methodologies, and IoT examples.

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Defining and conceptualizing IoT

To sum up the meaning of IoT in a word, it is the “Internet of Things.” It literally combines things around us with “communication functions” and connects them to the Internet, allowing for mutual control. Not only home appliances such as smart TVs and smart refrigerators, but also pots, bracelets, and medical devices that would seem detached from the Internet are already IoT technologies we can commonly encounter around us.

However, the definition and concept of IoT have recently become more concrete. Today, IoT means a network of things equipped with software, sensors, and other technologies to connect data to other systems or devices over the Internet. For reference, in the 2010s, Wi-Fi was primarily used to connect to the Internet, but today, other types of network platforms, such as 5G, also handle connections and process large amounts of data quickly and reliably.

How IoT Technology Works

In IoT, the “things” connected to the Internet are ordered to collect all the data deemed necessary. The collected data is analyzed and processed to inform or automate decisions. The process consists of four steps.

  • Data Collection
    IoT devices collect ambient data through sensors.

  • Data sharing
    Collected data is transferred over the network to public and private cloud systems. It can also be transferred to another device and saved locally.

  • Data processing
    Transfer﹒Processed to perform specific actions based on stored data.

  • Performing data-driven operations
    Data collected from all devices in the network goes through an analysis process. When the processing is complete, several actions can be performed, such as sending a message to the user.

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Examples of IoT

IoT technology is actually already involved in many parts of our lives. Let’s attempt to understand IoT more intuitively by examining its examples from our real lives, such as homes, cars, stores, and healthcare.

Smart Home

스마트홈, 스마트시티, IoT, 사물인터넷, IoT 기술

The first IoT example I’m going to introduce is the Smart Home. Smart Home is simply a home automation system. It uses smart sensors, switches, and devices to remotely monitor temperature, humidity, lighting, security, and home appliances in the house. Smart sensors utilize IoT technology that is controlled both automatically and manually. Specific examples include Ecobee, which automatically adjusts the temperature of individual rooms by monitoring the house, and Zuli, which automatically determines the user’s location in real time using Bluetooth and iBeacon and turns on lights depending on this data.

스마트홈, 스마트시티, IoT, 사물인터넷, IoT 기술
▲ Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Source: appleinsider

Smart city

스마트 시티, 데이터 분석, AI, IoT, IoT 사례

The next IoT example is the Smart City. The smart city refers to an environment in which ‘technology is applied to maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages of urbanization’. Smart cities are examples of effectively applied IoT technology that has solved urban problems such as population growth, infrastructure aging, and traffic congestion. Los Angeles, for example, uses data science and sustainable resources together to build smart cities. IoT devices such as sensors and meters can be used to monitor and identify problems proactively. For example, IoT technology is used to detect traffic congestion areas using data, track water waste and pollution, and detect water levels through sensors installed in rainwater pipes to automate preventive measures against natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and storms.

Telemedicine and Healthcare

스마트 헬스케어, AI 헬스케어, 원격 진료, 원격 의료 서비스, IoT
The third IoT example is from the healthcare sector. The potential growth prospects of IoT-integrated healthcare are evaluated to be extremely high. You can collect exercise data, and check and predict health conditions based on wearable devices, sensor technologies, etc. It is expected that this will greatly contribute to solving challenges in the healthcare industry and create added value.

스마트 헬스케어, AI 헬스케어, 원격 진료, 원격 의료 서비스, IoT

In healthcare, IoT technology can be utilized in situations such as remotely observing patients. These include smartwatches or pill distributors, smart surgical tools, and telemedicine carts. These IoT examples encompass smartwatches, pill dispensers, smart surgical tools, remote medical carts, and more. These instances of the Internet of Things have demonstrated significant effectiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic, playing a crucial role in bridging healthcare disparities for vulnerable populations in remote or underserved areas where access to hospitals may be limited.

스마트 헬스케어, AI 헬스케어, 원격 진료, 원격 의료 서비스, IoT

Source: Spinny

The fourth IoT example is the vehicle control system. Surprisingly, you will find that almost all recently released vehicles are equipped with IoT technology without having to venture into futuristic concepts such as smart or self-driving cars. The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) helps prevent collisions and facilitates smooth parking is an IoT technology you might already be familiar with. This ADAS technology is also one of the examples of IoT. ADAS technology is an essential technology for self-driving cars and is expected to become more advanced in the future. In addition, as automotive IoT technology advances, it is expected to be linked extensively with pedestrian data, traffic lights, news and weather, OTT, smart cities, etc. Pertinent to this is the new service AWS launched last year that collects car data and transmits it to the cloud. Data can be collected based on vehicle temperature, speed, and vehicle type to identify signs of needed recall or other safety problems in advance.

Traffic Management and Road Control

자율주행, 스마트 시티, IoT, IoT 사례, 사물인터넷 사례

Source: TechWorld

The last example I’m going to introduce is traffic management. IoT technology is also leveraged in traffic management to improve traffic congestion and route options by adjusting the timing of traffic lights using sensors or cameras. Real-time data feeds can be analyzed to adjust traffic light times, and road sensors can detect accidents and automatically report issues. This also ties in with the previously mentioned smart cities. Las Vegas is experimenting with more than 150 high-tech equipment at each intersection from Fremont Street to the airport to send emergency vehicle signals or information about when traffic lights will change.

So far, we have summarized the definition and concept of IoT and examples of IoT technology. In order to respond to a rapidly changing future, we must understand technology trends and patterns. In fact, enterprises systematically dedicating themselves to DX transformation should be prioritized in order to provide cutting edge services. Elice is providing training to develop understanding of enterprise-wide digital transformation. Not only will you learn about data analysis, and artificial intelligence, but you will also learn ways to solve real-world problems by applying these technologies. Why not get ready to quickly absorb and apply new technology trends with Elice?

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