Introducing the Elice 2022 Welcome Kit!



At Elice, we have a number of onboarding processes to help new hires get up to speed on their first day. Part of the onboarding process is the delivery of a welcome kit, which we wanted to incorporate into the way we live and work at Elice, as well as help new hires get a sense of our vision and values and feel like a part of the team. Here’s the Elice 2022 Welcome Kit to celebrate your new hire’s first day at Elice!

Elise 2022 Welcome Kit!

Elise 2022 Welcome Kit

#Ipad for Growth*

▲ Elice iPad Mini

The most recognizable item in the Elice Welcome Kit is the iPad. The purple iPad, which represents the brand identity of Elice, is a mini size that can be used anywhere, anytime, and with the included Elice iPad case, it can be used upright or lying down. Elice is committed to helping you use the iPad as a tool for growth, anytime, anywhere. Here’s a look at how Elice is using the iPad!

  • **Work more efficiently and be more productive!
    The iPad allows us to work faster, more efficiently, and be more productive. It allows us to view data and dashboards anytime, anywhere, and communicate based on them. It also allows us to travel light when we have offsite meetings, and it allows us to have face-to-face meetings anytime, anywhere with the Elice Classroom feature. Elice is also looking to increase the use of the iPad at work.

  • Read all you want in the Elice eLibrary!
    One of the benefits of Elice is the Elice e-Library service, which allows you to read to your heart’s content. You can read any book you want anytime, anywhere, including on your commute to work and during breaks. In addition to job-related books, you can also learn about education, the tech industry, and the humanities. In particular, Eliezer shares insights from his reading through the Slack #BookReview channel. He reads books and shares his thoughts freely. It’s a culture where you can find out what people are reading these days and what other people are thinking after reading the same book.

Elise #review_book Slack channel

  • Build your IT skills with Elice training!
    At Elice, we help all of our employees build their IT skills and grow as technical people. One of the perks is that you can take all of our courses at will. Whether you’re an engineer, PO, designer, or marketer, you’ll need different IT skills for different roles. We want to help you build the skills you need right away and grow quickly. From SQL to Python, HTML to algorithms! You can take courses anytime, anywhere with the Elice iPad, so you can learn efficiently. (See Elice Academy Courses (

  • **Change your Elice wallpaper for each season!
    Elice designs and distributes iPad wallpapers according to the season, anniversary, etc. With the right wallpaper for the season, you’ll be able to make a statement.

Spring 2022 Elice Wallpaper

#Hoodies for a comfortable office life

▲ Elise Hoodie

To make Eliezer more comfortable in the office, we created the Elice Hoodie. It’s a sturdy hood that can be worn in the office and outdoors in all seasons. It’s a must-have for the changing seasons, and we chose a light gray color so you can wear it all the time.

We were tired of seeing logos on the back or chest, so we tried a new design: a hoodie strap with elice printed on it, showing the identity of the edtech company. This hoodie has the meaning that ELICE is created and printed by the efforts of all members of the ELICE team.

#Office Life Essentials, Tumblr

Elise Tumblr

This is a simple and convenient white MiiR steel tumbler. We use tumblers in our office and wanted to reduce the amount of disposable cups we use, so we designed this tumbler to minimize the use of paper and plastic cups and be environmentally friendly.

We also have a coffee machine in the Elice Lounge so that our elders can enjoy their coffee to their heart’s content: hot coffee doesn’t get cold, and iced coffee doesn’t melt ice. We’re here to make sure that Elysers are comfortable and enjoy their drinks.

#Call me Elise, Elise Sticker

▲ Elice Stickers

There are a lot of cute logos and images representing Alice, and we’ve used them to create these Alice stickers, which can be used on laptops, desktops, and iPads, as well as journals, phones, mice, and more. The stickers come in a variety of colors to spice up items that might otherwise be bland.

A notebook and an Elice tumbler with Elice stickers

“I love the warmth of the hood! Elice hoodie took care of me this winter~”

“Having an iPad has made my work more efficient than I could have imagined, especially when I have off-site meetings, I only need to bring one with me~”

“If you’re a development company, isn’t iPad + hoodie combination the national dress code? I’m very satisfied!!!”

“Everything you need to wear and enjoy your company life. The Elice Welcome Kit!!! The best thoughtful joining gift!”

At Elice, we want to make sure our new hires are up to speed and feel comfortable at work. We hope you enjoy the 2022 Elice Welcome Kit, and that it serves as a great guide to our identity and helps you feel at home.

We’ll continue to support you as you create new opportunities and innovations with great colleagues. We wish Elise well on her first steps and look forward to watching her grow even more!

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