Introducing "Elice Gathering."



In the year marked by a determination for growth, halfway has already passed!

During the first half, how much has our Elice grown?

At Elice, every fourth Thursday of the month, all Elice members gather through a ‘Gathering’. True to its name, the ‘Gathering’ is a town hall meeting where we come together to share the vision of progressing collectively, discuss the efforts and achievements of each team over the past month, applaud and greet new Elice members, and even hold the MVP awards ceremony of the month. It’s a time for everyone to celebrate and greet each other!

Since Elice has grown to include members working from various locations, we have been conducting Gatherings through both offline and online methods. However, this time we have prepared a special event where all members come together in one place to celebrate the energetic efforts made during the first half of the year!

▲ Fresh and delightful fruit tart,

▲ Non-alcoholic cocktails with a Maldivian touch!

Introducing the Gathering held with the concept of ‘Having a Drink in the Maldives’ :)

The Gathering begins with a presentation by Jeawon. The collaborative efforts of each team come together to share where Elice is headed, what societal impact we’re making, and to remind us of how essential our collective efforts are.

During this Gathering, a special praise relay was also conducted for those who have shown remarkable growth. Even though he was a bit shy, Jeawon provided compliments and warm encouragement to each individual till the end. 🥰 It was announced that a different theme for the praise relay would be introduced in the next Gathering, creating excitement! 👏

Following Jeawon’s presentation, there was a session to update on each team’s current status. Team leaders took turns presenting, transparently sharing how each team is growing and the challenges they have faced. In the People Team, they also use the Gathering to make announcements. In this Gathering, they surprised everyone with an announcement about the Elice workshop!

And now, it’s time to announce the MVP Elice members of the month, who are also the heroes of this month. 👏

The MVPs are selected through team leaders’ recommendations and then a vote by the leadership team among the candidates who have been recommended. They receive a congratulatory prize of 500,000 won for their outstanding work, commitment, and growth that align with Elice’s values.

The recommending team leaders share why they nominated the MVP Elice members and their passionate work and achievements. Then, the selected MVP Elice members give heartfelt speeches that motivate everyone.

Congratulations again to July’s MVPs, Jaehong and Jiwan! 🎉

Another set of heroes! It was time to greet the new Elice members of the month.

During the Gathering, we have our own unique way of introducing new Elice members. We listen to their fun TMI self-introductions and give them random Q&A quizzes. Even with seemingly obvious questions, we hear creative answers that no one could have imagined, creating a time of laughter and joy for everyone. 🙂

After the introduction of new Elice members, the People Team’s skilled MC Hyowon concludes the Gathering. This time, as there was a special dress code in line with the ‘Having a Drink in the Maldives’ concept, two individuals dressed most fittingly in ‘Mojito and Maldives Looks’ were spontaneously selected and surprised with gifts to wrap up the event. 🤗

Although the Gathering takes place every month, this time, since everyone gathered together, we were able to make it even more vibrant and dynamic. We look forward to the next Gathering with special events and unique formats! 🤗

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