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Digital Competency Assessment

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Developer Employment Assessment

A coding test is an assessment designed to evaluate the technical skills of applicants, aiming to hire excellent developers. It is usually conducted in the pre-interview stage to determine whether the applicant can meet the job requirements. Nowadays, it has become an essential gateway for aspiring developers to secure employment. Evaluating applicants based on their skills and displaying results as scores makes the hiring process convenient for companies seeking to hire developers.
While the types of tests may vary between companies, most of them assess candidates by evaluating how they write algorithmic code within a specified timeframe. Typically, these tests are conducted over a period of 2 to 5 hours. During this time, applicants choose a programming language (learn more about programming development languages) from various options and complete tasks in the language they feel most comfortable with. Most candidates prepare for these tests by focusing on algorithm problem-solving skills.

Employee Competency Assessment

Coding tests are not only used for hiring new developers but also for evaluating and enhancing the skills of existing employees within a company. You can evaluate your company’s digital capabilities or test it when you need a DX assessment of how much has been implemented (Learn more about DX and its core technologies).

However, using the same coding tests designed for hiring developers may not be suitable for evaluating a company’s digital capabilities. Different and more tailored assessments are necessary to accurately gauge a company’s digital competency. Evaluating a company’s digital competency in DX involves various aspects, such as assessing the applicability of DX in different business domains, the ability to handle data, and proficiency in using data analysis tools like Jupyter Notebook. However, traditional coding tests typically focus on algorithm-based problem-solving, which may not cover the diverse range of skills required for assessing digital capabilities in DX. Specialized assessments tailored to these specific digital skills are necessary for an accurate evaluation. It’s now crucial to introduce digital competency assessments tailored not just for IT companies but also for various fields such as manufacturing, distribution, finance, e-commerce, and more.

It’s also important to know how much digital competency assessment content is built for practice and industry, or to be able to test the competencies needed in practice. In the context of developers hiring coding tests, scoring high in a coding test doesn’t always mean excellent practical skills in real-world scenarios. This is because there is a gap between practical competency and algorithm-based testing. Coding tests are, as the name suggests, examinations, so they may differ from the actual practical skills required in a professional work environment. Therefore, content that evaluates a company’s digital capabilities must also be configured to properly assess that capability.

Types of Overseas Coding Tests and Certificates

Indeed, it is essential for companies to have an appropriate assessment system not only for hiring developers but also for evaluating the overall digital competency within the organization. So what systems are in place overseas to properly evaluate a company’s digital capabilities? Let’s now take a look at examples of coding tests and related certifications that overseas companies are currently implementing.

Overseas coding tests


HackerRank is the most famous technology-based developer recruitment platform. It is used by over 3,000 companies, with more than 25% of them being Fortune 100 companies. HackerRank provides an all-in-one solution with a Plan, Screen Interview, and Rank, making it optimized for large-scale hiring needs. Additionally, HackerRank hosts competitive events called CodeSprints, where developers can compete by solving algorithmic programming challenges over a specific period.


TestGorilla utilizes automatic scoring and ranking systems to hire suitable candidates. According to the presented data, it predicts candidates’ suitability five times better. Tests can be created from the company’s library or customized directly, and all tests undergo review and reevaluation by subject experts. One notable advantage is the provision of personality and values assessments.


Codility’s platform offers three products: CodeCheck, CodeLive, and CodeChallenge. CodeCheck provides automatic scoring and plagiarism prevention features. It evaluates candidates’ algorithmic coding skills and provides recruitment managers with a report on the candidates’ performance. CodeLive allows live coding sessions with practitioners without the need for separate installations. CodeChallenge enables running virtual coding challenges for 2 hours to 2 weeks, making it a valuable tool for large-scale hiring purposes.

CodeinGame Platform

CodinGame is a platform that not only helps developers improve their coding skills but also allows companies to assess their technical capabilities. It allows creating coding tests with just 5 clicks, and its user-friendly interface enables HR teams, even those without coding knowledge, to easily set up tests. With over 3,500 coding challenges, CodinGame is suitable for companies that require creative problem-solving skills, as the tests are conducted in a gamified format.

Certification Types


TOPCIT stands for Test of Practical Competency in IT, an exam conducted by the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation to assess software competency. TOPCIT is comprised of four types of questions: performance-based, descriptive, short-answer, and multiple-choice, totaling 65 questions. The exam covers technical areas (software development, understanding and utilization of data, system architecture, and information security), business areas (understanding IT business and ethics, project management, and technical communication), and integrated areas. Scores range from 1,000 points, divided into five grades: Grade 1 (Introductory Level), Grade 2 (Challenge Level), Grade 3 (Proficient Level), Grade 4 (Problem-Solving Level), and Grade 5 (Creative Fusion Level), with Grade 5 being the highest.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and “D” in SQLD represents “Developer.” Therefore, SQLD refers to SQL Developers The “P” in SQLP stands for Professional. SQLP is a higher-level certification compared to SQLD, and both are national certifications for database SQL administered by the Korea Data Agency. The exam duration is 90 minutes, covering two subjects: understanding data modeling and basic and advanced SQL usage. To pass, candidates need a total score of 60 or higher. The certification is valid for 2 years. After obtaining the certification, if candidates complete 30 credits of online continuing education within 18 months, their certification status is permanently upgraded.

So far, we have explored the new trends in assessing a company’s digital competency and examined overseas coding tests and related certifications. Overseas digital competency assessment services provide test solutions centered on IT professions. In South Korea, the leading DX education platform, Elice, is conducting digital transformations (DX) in various industries. They provide digital competency testing solutions that focus on data science and data literacy, rather than just algorithm-centric assessments.

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