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The success of a company starts with the recruitment of the right people. Therefore, HR departments of companies make various efforts to select the right people. Specifically, it is the developer and IT jobs that have increased in demand over the past few years. According to a survey by Human Resources Pool, the most poached job is in “IT development.” As such, it can be seen that companies are making fierce efforts to hire developers. However, it is not easy to find developers with the practical skills required by real companies. Although the demand for developers is high, the process of evaluating and selecting whether they are suitable to do the work that companies need is complicated and difficult.

Most companies conduct algorithm coding tests as one of the gateways to field good developers. This test exists to check whether the applicant can be a good developer and to evaluate the developer’s competency. However, there are many opinions that assert algorithm coding tests alone are not enough to select good developers. So, in this module, we will look at why it is difficult to identify good developers with only algorithm coding tests, and how job competency tests can complement algorithm coding tests. We will also compare the differences between algorithm coding tests and job competency tests to examine the necessity of job competency evaluation.

Why Algorithm Coding Tests Are Not Enough

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Algorithm coding tests are used to evaluate developers’ programming and problem-solving skills. Many companies routinely use algorithmic coding tests in their recruitment process. However, the actual developer’s work is much more complex than this, and even the same developer may require different capabilities for each specific job or domain.

Algorithm coding tests are not tests that take job-specific characteristics into account, but rather tests that evaluate algorithmic mathematics and computational thinking. In the end, how many coding questions you’ve solved before are all that determine the results of the test. Therefore, we run into a problem in that it is difficult to immediately assess the development capabilities or individual creativity required in real-world work. In addition, algorithm coding tests suffer in effectiveness from having repeated questions asked regardless of current technology trends.

The algorithm coding test is a test that evaluates time complexity and space complexity. Real-world operations require a wider range of competencies and therefore require a more comprehensive assessment. For example, artificial intelligence jobs require not only mathematical knowledge but also complex practical skills such as problem-defining skills, deep learning technology application skills, machine learning algorithms, and data conversion skills. Since various job competencies are required in actual development work, it is difficult to conduct a sufficient assessment only with algorithm tests. This is why companies may also verify developers’ capabilities separately through technical interviews. This also takes a lot of time and money, and it is difficult to conduct with a large number of people.

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Differences between algorithm testing and job competency evaluation

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The algorithm coding test is a test that evaluates candidates’ knowledge of algorithms and data structures and their ability to solve problems. The test consists of designing algorithms needed to solve a particular problem and integrating them into developing a program. This will assess the applicant’s ability to analyze complex problems and provide effective solutions.

Job competency testing is a test that evaluates the competence required for a job. It is a comprehensive verification of job knowledge and skills. For the Developer Job Competency Test, you can understand the ‘Developer Competency Assessment’ to assess technical competence, problem-solving competency, and understanding of specific technology stacks. Within the job competency test, we provide tests that assess job expertise as well as computational thinking. Therefore, algorithm coding tests may be included along with tests that evaluate the necessary capabilities required for each job. For example, developer job competency testing provides a comprehensive assessment of programming language knowledge, data structures, and algorithmic understanding, as well as data science, AI, data literacy, the software development lifecycle (SDLC), and debugging skills.

Job competency assessments can be periodically updated and refined to align with current trends. An advantage is that you can provide test questions tailored to the appropriate frameworks and libraries that are in line with current trends. It is also possible to customize job competency tests to meet job-specific requirements when selecting talent. Real-world business projects, system design tests or technical interviews, data processing capabilities, data modeling, and validation case studies can be leveraged to assess developer competency.

The Successful Developer Competency Assessment Method: Job Competency Assessment: Elice Test

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In the actual recruitment process, it is not easy to carry out all recruitment methods such as coding tests and technical interviews. It is also not easy to add a developer job competency test course that evaluates overall capabilities. Building a system that can effectively hire developers with the capabilities a company needs among many applicants is very costly and time-consuming.

To address these challenges, Elice offers a customized testing solution to assess the capabilities an enterprise needs. The Elice test began with acknowledging that the existing coding test, or algorithm test, was not suitable for evaluating developer competency due to its disconnection with real-life practices. For years, Elice has provided DX, software training for multiple companies and identified their training and evaluation needs.

Therefore, we have the know-how on what talent is needed for each project and what capabilities are needed in practice. Based on this, we launched a job competency test service that can select the right talent for a company. In fact, Elice is conducting DX/IT capacity evaluation based on practical platforms for large domestic companies such as Company L and Company K and continues to provide improved test solutions based on the accumulated data.

Leading conglomerates and financial companies are already conducting developer competency evaluations with Elice test solution. In the Elice test, optimized algorithms and artificial intelligence solutions provide appropriate problems according to the applicant’s circumstances and enable customized competency diagnostic tests to gauge actual job competencies. If you’re thinking about how to evaluate developer competency, or if you want to evaluate the capabilities required for a developer’s job, go to the link below to learn more about the Elice Test! We hope you solve the problem of recruiting talent with the Elice Test.

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