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In the past year, the Business Development Department, which is arguably the team behind Elice’s meteoric growth, has seen tremendous individual and team growth, winning DX projects from some of Korea’s largest companies and government departments. It took a lot of hard work for Elice, which started as an education company, to become a DX company. We interviewed the leaders of the Business Development Department to find out what exactly the team does. Let’s hear from Form, Jiwan, and Yonghyun, who dream of a digital transformation of Korea.

Q. Please introduce yourselves.

Hyeongtae Hello. My name is Uhm Hyung, and I work at Elice Business Development Headquarters. Our headquarters is in charge of B2B and B2G business. I am in charge of services for companies and various workforce training projects and government projects organized by the government.

Jiwan Hello. I am Jiwan Hong, a team leader of the Corporate DX team at Elice Business Development Headquarters. I am in charge of guiding and selling our solutions to leading Korean conglomerates such as LG, Hyundai, and KT.

Yonghyun Hello. I’m Yonghyun, a team leader of Elice DX Solution Business Team. I am responsible for helping major Korean conglomerates and financial companies such as Samsung, Lotte, IBK, and Hanwha Financial TI transition to DX. I help companies with DX in various ways, including assessment, capability diagnosis, and GPU solutions for DX transition, not just training.

Q. What is Business Development?

Hyeongtae If sales is about selling products or services that already exist, I think business development is about actively exploring opportunities in markets that have not yet been discovered. The business development headquarters at Elice combines both roles. Both the role of sales in expanding the range of services already offered by Elice to different markets, and the role of business development in developing newly discovered business opportunities at the point of contact with customers into opportunities for new products or services.

Q. What kind of business do you do at Elice, which is known as an education company:?

Hyeongtae Elice is commonly known as an education company, but I don’t think we should call it an education company anymore. We are a DX company that develops various products and services not limited to education and provides all the services we can to achieve DX. For digital transformation, we are expanding into the cloud business, which provides coding tests, competitions, and high-performance computing such as GPUs that can be utilized for AI research and product development.

Q. What skills are most needed in a business development role?

Jiwan I think the problem solving skills are the most important. Digital transformation has become a necessity for companies to survive, but it has only been in the spotlight for a short time. On the other hand, customers’ needs are diversifying and segmenting according to rapidly developing trends. We need to identify and address the pain points of these industries and enterprises. Our main job is to constantly think about, define, and pioneer what enterprise DX is and what solutions are needed, so I think the ability to accurately define and solve problems is of utmost importance.

Yonghyun Yes, and I think it’s also important to be constantly learning, because we have to solve the problems that our customers have, and their environments, markets, and problems are constantly evolving, so we have to keep evolving with them.

Q. What was your most memorable moment at Elice?

Hyeongtae Since we are the headquarters of business development and sales, my most memorable moments are when we win big business. I remember the most when we won large-scale company-wide training projects such as Samsung Electronics, LG, and Hyundai Motor, or when we won large human resource training services or DX training projects ordered by the central government such as MSIT, Ministry of Employment and Labor, and Ministry of National Defense.

Yonghyun Among the big wins, I remember winning a coding test for a financial company. We were going to do a test to evaluate developers, but the complexity was high. We reflected all the databases, grammars, and various requirements required by the bank in the test. We approached the problems in the existing testing market in a different direction, and the customer was impressed with this part, so it was thrilling to be selected among the stiff competitors.

Jiwan One of my most memorable experiences was when I was about 2 months in, and I was working on a proposal for a very important project for the entire company. It’s funny to think about it now, but I was tasked with writing just 4 pages of background for the front section of a proposal that was well over 100 pages long. With the right motivation, I was able to organize dozens of studies, papers, and create a logic, and the business was able to win the contract against a lot of competition. This experience gave me a lot of fuel and energy to take responsibility.

**Q. What are the benefits of being in the business development headquarters?

Hyeongtae The strength of our team is that everyone is very enterprising and proactive in their work, and I think they are not afraid to take on new challenges, and they have the planning and execution skills to quickly learn new areas that they didn’t know about and somehow challenge them and turn them into tangible results. I am always inspired and learn a lot from our team members, and I think the biggest strength of our team members is that they are very immersed in their work and constantly hustle to achieve good results.

Jiwan I agree with you! One of the reasons why I have a long-standing relationship with Elice is because of our team members. Not only do they work hard with their own vision, but they also take responsibility and ownership of their work, which inspires me a lot.

Yonghyun Yes, especially in the last year, Elice has grown by leaps and bounds, and our department has played a lot of key roles in that. I think it’s a result of our team’s constant thinking, studying, and trying, so our team has a DNA of not being afraid to try new things and keep learning. The market is changing rapidly and the needs of our customers are diversifying, and because we are responding organically and creating a lot of propositions that surprise our customers and are directly tied to performance, we are confident that we can satisfy and solve their complex needs.

Q. What does the Elice of the future look like:

Hyeongtae The future ELIS will grow into a company that enhances the practical digital capabilities of companies by further enhancing various products and services that can achieve DX by taking the image of a DX company more firmly. In particular, we are focusing on the cloud business, and we will contribute to the development of the domestic AI industry by actively promoting the high-performance computing business necessary for AI application service development and research.

**Q. What would you like to say to future team members who will be joining the company?

Hyeongtae Anyone who is proactive and enterprising, who is not afraid to take on new challenges. Our business development headquarters is dedicated to helping you grow as a professional in the field you want to work in, no matter what your skills and aptitudes are!

Jiwan We expect all applicants to be passionate and challenging, but we also welcome those who want to constantly develop their skills along with this mindset. At Elice, we believe that people with new ideas and challenging mindsets can play a big role in creating better services and solutions.

Yonghyun Elice is growing at a tremendous pace right now, and we think you’ll have a lot to gain by joining us soon!

Have you been listening to the leaders of Elice Business Development?

I’ve heard a lot of different stories about what DX is, what it’s like to work in business development, and what it’s like to be in business development. I think a lot of the energy in the business development team comes from the fact that we’re all feeding off of each other and learning from each other! I think we’ve had more success because we’re more synergized together.

At Elice Business Development Headquarters, we are constantly thinking and trying new strategies to grow as individuals, as a team, and as a company. If you have a passion for challenges and a desire to learn, why not join the team? We’ll be waiting for you with open arms in the Business Development office! 🤗

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