‘Elice Code Challenge’, a back-end developer spirit of challenge, successfully completed



Among the 700 participants, the majority were current developers, and they stood out for their new challenges in the field.

Solve backend problems using 100 million pieces of Elice LXP code execution history data

Elice Inc. (CEO Jaewon Kim), an education practice platform company, successfully held the ‘Elice Code Challenge’, a competition for AI platform backend developers, on December 16th.

The Elice Code Challenge is a competition centered on AI platform back-end developers that has not been held before, and has garnered a lot of attention among developers from the recruitment stage. About 700 people applied for the preliminary round, which was held online from November 25 to December 4, recording a high competition rate of 15:1. Most of the applicants who participated in the competition appeared to be developers working in the field.

Applicants performed the mission of configuring an API that can maintain stability even under high traffic and optimizing latency under the theme of ‘development of a user-friendly and scalable API.’ The competition used 100 million pieces of code execution history data from the educational practice platform Elice LXP.

Applicants who passed the preliminaries participated in the finals held at Elice Lab Seongsu Center on the afternoon of the 16th. The finals were run by finding solutions to back-end problems. 70% of the finalists were active developers, and their fierce work-like attitude stood out in coming up with effective problem-solving methods.

The answers were automatically graded in real time by a system developed by Elice, and as a result, current developer Lee Hyun-seop, who received the highest score, won the final grand prize. A total of 20 million won in prize money was awarded to those who placed in the top 20 of the finals.

The grand prize winner, Hyeonseop Lee, said, “There have been many competitions focused on solving algorithmic problems, but this is the first time I have seen a competition with the backend as the theme, and I was able to participate with that much interest.” He added, “The difficulty of the problem was high, but the problem description and environment were detailed. So I got the impression that it was a problem that could actually occur during work. So, I was able to solve the problem as if I were doing my usual work,” he said.

Participants also showed great interest in the networking session held at the end of the finals process. In particular, high levels of satisfaction were expressed when sharing insights related to resolving issues experienced in the field.

Jaewon Kim, CEO of Elice Inc., said, “It was very impressive to see back-end developers trying to raise their capabilities to the next level and expand their insight into development by challenging competitions even while working,” adding, “We will continue to revitalize developer culture in the future through ‘Elice’ “We plan to hold ‘Code Challenge’ on a regular basis, and we will also expand areas such as back-end, front-end, applications, and MLOps,” he said.
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