Elice,Inc. Launches AI Certificate TOPA



Artificial intelligence (AI) and data competency evaluation criteria are established

Diagnosing AI capabilities required for practical work based on DX training experience of 1,100 domestic companies

Co-designed by the Korea Standards Association to ensure fairness in evaluation

Elice, Inc.(CEO Kim Jae-won), an educational practice platform company, has launched a certificate called "TOPA (Test of Practical Artificial Intelligence)" that can diagnose practical artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with the Korea Standards Association.

Elice Group introduced TOPA after collecting on-site opinions that there is no indicator to objectively evaluate their capabilities, although demand for AI practitioners is also increasing significantly as generative AI penetrates deep into daily life along with the digital transformation trend in the industry.

The TOPA, designed to systematically diagnose AI capabilities required in the field, was designed jointly with the Korea Standards Association, Korea's leading certification body, to add fairness to the evaluation. In particular, Elice Group is excellent at evaluating AI capabilities that companies actually need by planning based on DX training for 400,000 executives and employees of 1,100 institutions and companies. It is divided into three series, which is also effective in identifying AI capabilities in stages.

Convenience for candidates has also been enhanced. You can log in to the TOPA website without installing a separate program or setting up an environment. In addition, there is no limitation of the framework, and it provides a test environment similar to the development practice. Individual competency diagnosis reports will also be provided based on the evaluation results.

Elice Group also released lectures to prepare for obtaining TOPA certificates. Through the six-week course, you can experience theories, practices, and projects to strengthen AI capabilities, and more information can be found on the Elice Academy website.

Kim Jae-won, CEO of Elice Group, said, "By conducting DX training for 400,000 executives and employees of 1,100 companies in Korea, we were able to quickly grasp what AI capabilities are needed in the current practice, and we wanted to create an evaluation standard that reflects this," adding, "We hope that TOPA will be a barometer for accurately diagnosing AI practical capabilities for students and current employees preparing to hire AI practitioners."
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