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The First AI Courseware to Achieve the Standard CSAP Certification

Explore Elice's robust platform, proven by Cloud Service Assurance Program (CSAP)

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Explore Elice's Exclusive AI Technology

Discover everything about Elice AI technology

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The First AI Courseware to Achieve the Standard CSAP Certification

Explore Elice's robust platform, proven by Cloud Service Assurance Program (CSAP)

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Explore Elice's Exclusive AI Technology

Discover everything about Elice AI technology

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The First AI Courseware to Achieve the Standard CSAP Certification

Explore Elice's robust platform, proven by Cloud Service Assurance Program (CSAP)

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Comparative analysis of two types of search engine AI chatbots



The spotlight is currently on how Google, the world’s No. 1 search engine, will adapt to the advent of ChatGPT. Despite some current issues, like the potential for ChatGPT to generate false information and cause confusion, it’s already at the forefront of AI generation. As a result, there’s a strong belief that AI could potentially replace search engines in the future. In particular, the search engine function of the GPT-integrated MS Bing AI Chatbot surprised many people by providing search results that collected and reconstructed results in line with user search intentions. As such, with various search engines scrambling to implement AI chatbot functions, it is expected that the search engine market may no longer revolve around Google. In this module, we will introduce, compare, and analyze the types of AI chatbots that will likely attract attention well into the future.

What is ChatGPT? Learn about ChatGPT, from theory to practice!

2 types of search engine AI chatbot

The two types of AI chatbots I will introduce are Microsoft’s Bing AI and Google AI Bard. Microsoft’s Bing AI is an AI chatbot service that combines the functions of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, with Microsoft’s search engine Bing. The service announced by Google is also a similar AI chatbot service.

Microsoft AI Bing

마이크로소프트AI, ms ai, 빙, Bing AI, 마소 ai

Source: All Things N

Microsoft’s Bing AI is an AI chatbot that was officially released in May 2023. It comes installed in the search box because it combines GPT-4 with Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. GPT combined with Bing AI is a language model based on deep learning technology that can understand and generate text much like humans. Based on the GPT architecture, text data from the Internet has been learned and processed in a way that allows for answers to correspond closely to questions.

Bing AI can process data in real-time and answer questions related to this learned data. This is an area it excels at more than ChatGPT, which does not reflect real-time data. Bing AI also has the advantage of being able to directly determine whether information is factual by providing a “source” function not supported by ChatGPT. Bing AI provides relevant search results based primarily on user queries, but it also supports interactive chat so you can refine your search until you get the answer you want. However, it is only available on Microsoft’s Edge browser, making it inconvenient for customers who use other browsers.

  • Features: search engine combination, reflecting real-time data
  • Advantages: Specific sources can be verified
  • Disadvantages: Available on Microsoft Edge only

Google AI Bard

구글 AI, 바드, 구글 챗봇, AI  챗봇, 구글 바드

Source: The New York Times

The next AI chatbot I will introduce is Bard developed by Google. The official name of Bard is Apprentice Bard. Its name can be interpreted to express Google’s willingness to support various chat functions in the future. Google AI Bard is an AI chatbot that runs based on Google’s own language model, Language Model for Dialogue Applications. In fact, Google has spent a lot of time developing AI chatbots for six years, but they have not been publicly released due to the issue of AI chatbots being unable to distinguish facts from fiction and generating biased texts. However, with the advent of ChatGPT, Google has released Bard as a response to it.

Google AI Bard has access to real information because it is linked to Google’s vast search engine. Therefore, it can provide high-quality answers based on real-world information from Google’s database. Users can utilize Google AI Bard as an online assistant, or apply it in various fields such as content creation or customer service.

  • Features: Online assistant form (interactive search), released as an exclusive beta version.
  • Advantages: Delivers quality answers from Google’s vast database and knowledge pool
  • Disadvantages: Available to an exclusive amount of users.

AI Chatbots, What Bing and Bard Have In Common

1. Understands Natural Language

Both ChatGPT-based Bing AI and Bard are designed to understand and interpret human language, providing appropriate responses to user input. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, it can process human language and utilize deep learning algorithms to both process and generate text.

2. A Tool with multiple functions

Both can be applied to various fields and needs such as customer support, online personalized assistant, and content creation, and serve as a useful tool for both businesses and individuals. In particular, both specialize in providing the right answers to your questions.

3. Continuous learning

The more users talk to AI chatbots, the more sophisticated their language understanding and algorithms become. As a result, their responses will become more accurate and useful over time.

4. Default Language

The default language of both Bard and Bing is English. AI chatbots such as Bard, Bing, and ChatGPT all support multiple languages. Bard has learned data from more than 100 languages, and Bing provides services in more than 20 languages, including Korean, while installing GPT. However, using English, the default language ensures consistency in responses compared to other languages.

5. Can be used free of charge

Both Bard and Bing can be used free of charge as of now. Bing AI chatbot and support for GPT-4 are provided free of charge, even though the latter requires payment as a standalone application. The beta version of Google AI Bard is also available for free, but it is predicted that it will be provided for a fee like Chat GPT depending on future contingencies.

AI Chatbot, Differences Between Bing and Bard

1. Different language models

Google AI Bard was trained on Google’s dataset and supergiant language model LaMDA, while Microsoft Bing AI was trained on the GPT-4 language model. As Bard and Bing learn from two different language models, they will each have a different answer for the same question. This shows that the characteristics of the learning model and data can lead to differences in their understanding of language and context.

2. Difference in response speeds

There’s a difference in the response times to the same question from Bing and Bard. It can be noted that Google AI Bard’s response speed is relatively fast. In the case of Bard, its installed Google search functionality allows for real-time information such as weather forecasts and sports results to be checked, and response times are very fast. Bing AI also combines with its search engine to provide updated information in real-time, but the difference is that it provides sources related to the answer and the response times are slow.

In this module, we compared and analyzed the similarities and differences of two AI chatbots from major search engines, Bing and Bard. In this turbulent era, we predict that the key to survival will be how quickly we can accept new technologies in the future. If companies want to quickly apply and absorb emerging technologies such as AI chatbots, they should lay the foundation for DX through systematic corporate DX education. With DX solutions company Elice, you can solve everything in one fell swoop: training, evaluation, and data. For more information, please check the link below.

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