Elice 'AI Helpy' Solves 150,000 Learner Questions in Two Months



Instant response to complex and difficult questions based on GPT model

Quick feedback on average of 11 seconds, up to 13.5 times more answers than traditional 1:1 tutors

Actual learner usage has increased significantly since the introduction of error helper capabilities

"AI Helpy" a learning assistant AI chatbot service of Elice Group(CEO Kim Jae-won), an educational practice platform company, is recognized as a smart learning tool that is good for using, solving more than 150,000 difficult problems encountered by learners. It is analyzed that the continuous upgrade in the direction of increasing learning efficiency with the achievements achieved in a short period of less than three months after the service was introduced is the factor that led to the revitalization of use.

AI Helpy was first introduced in February as a GPT-3-based learning assistant AI chatbot that helps learners in the educational practice platform 'Elice'. In March, an error helper function was added that quickly interprets error messages sent by programming languages in real time. After an additional upgrade process, when learners ask about difficult codes or error messages at present, they provide a friendly explanation for the optimized solution direction for the problem.

Until the 10th, the cumulative number of questions and answers using AI helpy exceeded 150,000 and recorded 82,000 in April alone. In particular, as a result of the satisfaction survey of boot camp learners by major companies and regions that are actively used, there is a favorable response that it is providing practical help with quick answers to complex and difficult problems experienced during coding learning.

It is analyzed that the faster feedback speed than the tutor function that humans responded to directly contributed the most to the increase in usage. There was a one-on-one tutor service that could ask questions during learning, but it was difficult to answer immediately because the number of experts participating as tutors was limited, while AI Helpy provides optimized answers to complex questions based on vast amounts of data. The average feedback rate of AI helpy is only 11 seconds, showing an overwhelmingly high number of questions and answers compared to the tutor function. It responded to more than 13.5 times more questions, and it was analyzed that the number of questions accumulated so far was 6 times higher than that of the tutor function.

It is analyzed that the error helper function introduced by Elice customized to learners also led to an increase in usage. In fact, as a result of the analysis of the use of AI helpy, it was found that the usage increased more than 16 times compared to the previous day when the error helper function was applied.

As a result of conducting a satisfaction survey of 300 students who are conducting coding learning with the Elice platform, the satisfaction score for AI help answers averaged 4.2 points (out of 5 points). Students cited the fact that they could receive friendly feedback immediately when there was a blockage, and that asking questions that they didn't know was a burden, but they could solve problems without burden because there was AI helpy.

Kim Jae-won, CEO of Elice Group, said, "The Elice platform, including GPT model-based AI Helpy, aims for an efficient learning process in which learners take the lead in practicing and find answers," and added, "We will provide all-in-one education solutions from educational practice platforms and clouds for a stable AI education environment and pursue service advancement through constant research and development to strengthen edutech technology."
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