Presenting the even more renewed 2023 Welcome Kit!



Exciting excitement and nervousness.

Your first day at work, how was it?

A first day at work filled with nervousness and delightful excitement.
As new employees in a still unfamiliar environment, we want to ensure you settle in as smoothly as possible. At Elice, we spare no effort in providing various onboarding programs and support. Among them, the Welcome Kit, a special gift to celebrate this new encounter, has received much love for its thoughtful contents. Today, we are thrilled to announce the renewed version of the Welcome Kit! 🎁

Hello, Wonder! Elice Wonder Kit


1. Amazement, Astonishment

2. Marvel, Miracle

The journey with Elice, which will bring about significant social impact through innovation in technology and education, will be a series of wonders. And the first meeting with the new Elice family members embarking on this special journey will undoubtedly be filled with astonishment. We are delighted to introduce the Elice Wonder Kit, celebrating our extraordinary encounter!

▲ Welcome to the wonderful world of Elice!

Did you recognize it at first glance? The concept is radiant Neon, evoking curiosity. The relatively vivid colors, centered around shades of purple, symbolize the diverse and harmonious nature of Elice, respecting individuality while achieving harmony.

The unique Neon concept also represents the value of Elice, which embraces challenges and wholeheartedly supports the continuous growth of its members.

Let us show you the completely transformed WONDER KIT!

After much consideration on how to create a gift that all tech-savvy Elicers can fully utilize without constraints of time and place, we proudly present the completely renewed Wonder Kit.

A Techy and portable Elice-customized WONDER KIT!
Now, let’s show you what’s inside!

1. Techy Elicer

As true leaders in the digital transformation, embrace a tech-oriented daily life!


2023 엘리스 굿즈 0707
▲ Lovely lavender shade… 💜
First, let us introduce the alluring iPad Mini, boasting an enchanting lavender color. This signature gift has held a significant place in the Elice Welcome Kit for a long time.

Its compact size makes it easy to carry around for meetings, commuting, or breaks, without any burden.

웰컴키트) 아이패드 활용예시
▲ Making the most of the iPad Mini, 300% utilization

You can use the iPad Mini to read books from the company’s digital library, attend Elice-exclusive classes in your own learning space, and more! Enjoy Elice’s commitment to your well-being!

#Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

1차 보정) 웰컴키트 리뉴얼 13
▲ Clean lines and a sleek Bluetooth keyboard

This folding Bluetooth keyboard works with both iPad and phones, supporting up to three devices simultaneously. With its neat touch and feel, using it will instantly uplift your mood. 😁

Need to take quick notes or edit documents? No problem! Though compact when folded, it’s still highly functional and a must-have tool.

2. Elice, Everywhere!

We’ve prepared a selection that will make life more convenient for Elicers, not just in the office but anywhere they go.

#Laptop Bag

▲ Matches any outfit, you’ll love it!

Say goodbye to ordinary laptop bags! This slim vertical design with lavender accents is quite captivating. Its vertical form ensures that you won’t accidentally bump your laptop even in crowded elevators or during busy commutes.

Made of nylon material, it’s lightweight and has four pockets for efficient storage.

▲ A leather label in lavender color, a standout point!

But that’s not all. You can also adjust the shoulder strap to wear it as a crossbody bag. The label is made of leather, featuring the careful engraving of “Hello, Wonder!” and the Elice logo. Show off your Elicer identity wherever you go! 😎

3. Grand Finale - Unforgettable Moments

To offer more than just imagination, we have prepared something heartwarming for the grand finale. 💝

#Welcome Sticker

▲ That’s definitely an Elice laptop!
We’ve added charming Welcome Stickers to make the Wonder Kit even more special! ✨

From a neon purple symbol that’s lovely and intriguing 🟣 to a kind Hello Bit bunny 🐰 that welcomes your arrival, and various slogans representing Elice 💬, we’ve packed it with a wide range of options. It’s already a hit! Once you’ve adorned your belongings and spaces with these cherished Welcome Stickers, your onboarding is almost complete! 😉

#Welcome Message & Rolling Paper

▲ Opens like a card!

To add a touch of warmth to the Wonder Kit, we’ve included a heartwarming Welcome Message.🔥

▲ A sincere message from the People Team

Accompanying you with gratitude for choosing Elice and the promise to support you in your journey without any difficulties, we offer the Elice tradition, “Welcome Rolling Paper.” You may find your eyes getting moist before you know it.. 🥹💜

#Employee ID Card

▲ So adorable that you can’t decide which one to choose..

As Elice continues to grow rapidly, so does the number of our team members. Although everyone is busy, we’ve prepared new Employee ID Cards to ensure that Elicers can recognize and encourage each other.

사원증 단독
▲ Should I choose the adorable Helpy or Hello Bit~

You can customize the cute Elice character, pose, and background color to your liking, and we’ll create a lovely ID card just for you. So think about it beforehand (happy deliberation) 😉

With a heart full of welcome, Elice sends regards

We’ve just given you a detailed introduction to the newly transformed Elice Wonder Kit. How was it? We sincerely hope that this carefully prepared Wonder Kit will serve as a wonderful gift and guide for our new Elicers.

If you’re curious about the exciting journey with Elice and the Wonder Kit, don’t hesitate to apply now!

Check available job openings here! ☞

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