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Elice Movie Night Event

Hope everyone is enjoying the hot summer! Last Friday, July 29, Elice had a group movie night with everyone :)

You might be wondering, "Why a movie?" Well, we wanted to treat Elice to something sweet after all the hard work she put in during the first half of 2022. We thought about how we could make it more fun and decided on a group movie night.

Announcement of the Elice Movie Group

No group event would be complete without a giveaway, and we’re giving away a vacation! Five lucky winners will receive 200,000 won in tourist gift certificates, which can be used at any hotel, resort, department store, or outlet. But who were the lucky winners? Check out the excitement below!

Tourism voucher event announcement

The movie Elice chose was the most recent release of Alien: Covenant. Before it was spoiled, she watched it faster than anyone else. It’s a movie known for its superstar cast, so Elice was excited to see it even before watching it.

On July 29, we went to CGV in Gangnam with excitement. We found out that the entire theater was rented out for Ellie’s comfort!
This made it easier for us to chat and enjoy the movie.

Where to get tickets for Elice

It’s not just for the eyes, we also prepared drinks and popcorn for a fun movie night. I didn’t know what Elice would like, so I prepared both. She can choose between sweet and savory flavors and enter the theater~ :)

Elice is currently split between the Seolleung and Gangnam offices, so it was great to meet up with the other Eliceers who work in different offices. We had a great time catching up and eating popcorn.

Elysers having a fun time before the movie

Before the movie started, we watched a short video celebrating the first half of the year. Our brand communications team created a special video to celebrate the first half of 2022, and it’s a great way to look back on what we’ve accomplished, what’s happened, and to celebrate all the hard work we’ve done.

Watch the Elice 2022 commemorative video for the first half of the year

After watching the commemorative video for the first half of Elice 2022, we watched Alien + Man. Although the movie was quite long, we were able to have a good time crying and laughing together for a long time.

The giveaway everyone was waiting for

After the movie, Jae-Won shared a short message of encouragement for Elice and Eliezer, who will continue to jump far and high in the second half of 2022.

And then came the moment that every Elysian was waiting for: the draw for the event’s prizes. With much anticipation, five winners were chosen.
Cheers echoed through the theater as each name was called. Congratulations to the five winners, and we can’t wait to read your rave reviews.

A few words from Elisher

The Elysium movie screening event came to a close with the event raffle. We had a great time, as evidenced by Eliezer’s comments.

The event was even more meaningful because we were all able to get together, watch a movie, and cheer each other on.

We will continue to support Elice to achieve more wonderful growth in the future! Stay tuned for the second half of 2022!

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