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Experience Elice Project Based Learning (PBL), which utilizes in-house data to solve real-world problems. Thousands of large organizations already work with Elice to train their employees with project-based, hands-on content specific to their organization.

DX training effectiveness, are you seeing it in practice?

You're spending your company's valuable resources to train employees, and you wonder if it's working. You've spent hours training, but your employees are still struggling.
  • AI training for work, where and how should we start?
  • I want to run a project utilizing my company's data, how can I proceed?
  • I need job-specific AI training, how should I design the curriculum?

Education that produces results, now with Elice PBLStart with

Customized project

Project training created just for your company

My company - a project with industry data
We provide projects utilizing our company and industry data so that you can utilize them in the workplace even after training.
In-house practitioners and Elice DX experts work together to define a problem in practice and design a project.
Diagnose employee competencies and adjust pre-training and project difficulty according to the results.
Immersive environment

Platform optimized for hands-on project experience

Online solutions with 1:1 tutoring
Real-world data analysts and artificial intelligence experts prepare answers to help you solve exactly what you don't know.
You can see how well someone understood the project by looking at code runs, submissions, coding time, and more.
Video lectures, labs, and even pair programming, all on one platform with a single login.
Sustainable Education

Take charge of your project from start to finish.

Project education as online content
Project training that could be delivered offline for a short period of time, now make it available online on an ongoing basis.
Stores deliverables created through the project in the platform and supports materials for reporting results.
In addition to creating successful DX practices, over 90% of organizations that experienced Elice' project training requested additional training.
Based on a project utilizing real in-house data, we will conduct a contest service to raise internal employees' interest and capabilities in DX.

Design an education project that works for our organization

Experience Elsevier's data-driven project training optimized for your industry and job function
  • Finance
    Predicting customer credit risk for financial transactions.
  • Manufacturing
    Predicting process anomalies using semiconductor process data
  • Distribution-Logistics
    Analyzing the gas station market using oil price data
  • Commerce
    Analyze apparel sales reviews to predict whether a product is recommended

Design a PBL that works for your organization

Phone consultation and video demonstration
  1. 1
    Phone consultation and video demonstration
  2. 2
    Define a real-world problem
  3. 3
    Data Collection and Project Design
  4. 4
    Project training (can create online content)
Phone consultation and video demonstration
Consult with a DX expert to understand our organization's situation.
  • Leave an introduction inquiry and a business development representative will contact you in up to 1 day.
  • Demonstrations of project deliverables are available so you can see the impact for yourself.
Phone consultation and video demonstration

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