Your best chance to prepare for the future and take care of yourself

Your best chance to prepare for the future and take care of yourself




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AI/SW Talent Training

Ministry of National Defense

The “Artificial Intelligence Education Customized for Military Personnel” project, carried out with Elice, aims to develop corresponding skills in our armed services as a means of augmenting the introduction of AI by foreign military forces. There were 1,600 military personnel there, along with intermediate artificial intelligence training, advanced deep learning courses, and beginning Python and data analysis classes.

Ideal in non-programmed settings

Elice is an educational platform that doesn’t require the installation of a separate program, making it appropriate for military education. For security purposes, it is challenging for the military to occupy the compound and carry out development exercises in a unique setting where no illegal programs may be installed at all. Elice was ideal for the military because it only requires signing in and doesn’t require any other software. Additionally, mobile devices can be used to minimize obstacles to access for higher education. Many people thought that being able to practice while listening to lectures, evaluate their knowledge using an online web IDE, and progress at their pace was beneficial.

A chance to imagine the future

Elice’s instruction offered soldiers the confidence to envision themselves as AI experts in the future. Many soldiers view their time in the military as a time of stagnation, even though they were able to prepare for their careers through methodical learning. Learning how to effectively manage oneself can be achieved through the use of online knowledge rooms during specific hours, studying on the weekends, and making the most of available time. For people who find it challenging to learn independently, AI is very beneficial when studying. Even if learning in a restricted setting like the military has its limitations, personnel may create the future by getting top-notch instruction from the country’s leading AI experts, covering everything from theory to application. Soldiers who majored in computer science and are concerned about learning programming in the military should keep studying, develop their talents, and gain confidence in their ability to prepare for a job.

A specialized initiative that motivates students to learn

The Elice curriculum included a thorough overview of learning as well as the general principles of artificial intelligence. The troops expressed their satisfaction with the project practice the most out of all of them. Elice’s military-related data utilization project was well received. This is due to the fact that applications such as “a failure prediction project based on sensor data of mechanical facilities” and “object recognition using aerial image photography” provided opportunities to create programs and apply them to data. As their interest in AI increased as a result of the experiment, several soldiers started studying it actively. Soldiers willingly began browsing the internet while continually looking for related technology trends in order to declare how to employ AI in the military in the future to obtain a reward vacation or construct a program that forecasts market prices. A surprisingly large percentage of soldiers have long requested to learn more advanced material.

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