Retraining in reskilling for a smooth transition from data jobs

Retraining in reskilling for a smooth transition from data jobs



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Data Science Job Transition Training

LG Electronics Co., Ltd

LG Electronics is leading technological innovation by providing products and services in various fields such as home appliances, IT, auto parts, and signage. The significance of data analysis has grown, and part of the internal workforce has to transition to data and SW roles. After examining several training programs targeted at identifying data science talent, you decided to enroll in Elice’s DX program.

Ideal for data group reskilling training

The most crucial aspect was that the training had to be extremely practical because non-SW personnel needed to be retrained in a way that would enable them to seamlessly transition to data employment. Workers without development expertise required to be able to follow the course material until they improved and could practice the fundamentals. Completing LG Electronics’ own SW developer competency test was the ultimate objective after the course.

We finally conducted a curriculum that consisted of three months of lectures and one month of projects after much deliberation about what would be best for LG Electronics’ circumstances.

① 3-month lecture / Theory lectures and practical training within platform
② 1-month project / Application as real data
Personal interviews, small group tutoring /
③ Close-up care for trainees
▲ LG Electronics Data Science Reskilling Education Curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum and an easy-to-use platform

Since the majority of the trainees knew very little about development, it was crucial to set up a methodical curriculum that they could adhere to all the way through. Immersion learning was made possible by organic lectures, which covered everything from the fundamentals of Python to algorithms and deep learning.

Installing standalone applications like Python can be a significant barrier to access for those new to the development field. Employees new to development may keep up without any hassle because the Elice platform offers the same code practice window as the real world. I was able to practice applying the theory lecture’s contents in this practice window by working through the practice questions for each idea.

▲ A statement from a trainee at LG Electronics who has finished training.

▲ Elice Platform, where you can simultaneously practice and watch lectures.

High-practice training: hands-on data utilization projects

In the last month, we worked on a project to improve our practical data analysis capabilities and even visualize our data. Since it was training for people who would be put into the field immediately after the training, the response of this project with real data was particularly good.

Certainly, my understanding became better than when I learned to apply it only with theory classes, and after learning how to apply it, I felt confident that the trainees could use what they learned in the field.

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The project was carried out by selecting a topic that each trainee wanted. In some cases, LG Electronics’ in-house data was used to implement a model that could be useful in the field, and if it is still difficult, the data provided by Elice could be used. Model implementation was also easy to work within the platform using Elice Runbox.

▲ LG Electronics Data Science Reskilling Training Site.

So that non-developers can follow the curriculum to the end

Continuous guidance and operation as well as a good curriculum are important for successful job transition training. Every learner in the Elice DX program received careful attention in order to pass the SW competency test. In the second half of the training, tutors provided regular mentoring on different projects so that all trainees could complete their own projects.

In particular, individual interviews with instructors and management and small tutoring helped a lot. While conducting individual interviews with five people a day, we identified the students’ learning background, the amount of learning, how to study, and their concerns, and checked their understanding of the class. In addition, we discussed additional actions to improve the learning effect and organized them into a dashboard to continuously manage the learning status of trainees.

Small tutoring was conducted like after-school classes after regular training hours. The tutors analyzed in detail what problems they approached and what parts were difficult for each student and taught them to suit each individual. The professional instructor gave feedback on individual learning, which directly helped the trainees improve their skills.

Training effectiveness demonstrated by over 90% of SW job competency tests

The result of the SW developer competency test, which was the final goal of the training, was also successful. More than 90 percent of the trainees passed the exam after Elice’s training. LG Electronics conducted three-level job change training, of which Elice had the highest test passing rate.

This competency test is conducted by LG Electronics on its own, and it is actually a fairly high-level algorithm test taken by current SW workers in the company. It was a meaningful achievement because it proved to be capable of the job of transforming through education. It was also good to share the effectiveness of education internally because it was confirmed by numerical results.

What I was particularly satisfied with from the perspective of the trainees was that it was offline education, but it was really convenient to review it next time or listen to it at another place because you could listen to it online. In fact, I was asked if I could continue to open the subject for a month after the end of the training.

With a strong platform and careful curriculum, employees in non-development jobs were able to successfully switch to SW jobs.

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