Foster convergent abilities through original problem-solving and an excellent education

Foster convergent abilities through original problem-solving and an excellent education




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Improving Digital Capabilities


Over the course of the last 130 years, KT has steered the growth of the Korean telecom industry by promoting innovation in enterprises and governmental institutions operating in a variety of IT and telecommunications-related sectors.

It is changing to become DIGICO KT, a full-service IT firm driving digital transformation in the fourth industrial revolution period. This is due to the competitive advantage of unique ABC (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud) platforms combined with already-existing telecom companies. Additionally, by collaborating with a variety of partners on ESG management, we hope to support our clients’ growth, innovation, and competitiveness.

KT strengthened its digital conversion capabilities with the Elice platform by implementing a coding challenge program to improve the training system for digital conversion. 1,279 workers within the organization will receive step-by-step coding training, from Level 1 to Level 3, through the Coding Challenge from March to September 2021.

One thousand workers in the organization will voluntarily participate in this two-year long-term education program starting in 2022.

Beginning in 2022, one thousand employees of the company will voluntarily take part in this two-year long-term education program.

Q. Please tell us about your favorite part of the Elice training program.

Head of DX Team, Section Chief Sang-woo Choi: First and foremost, “Creative problem-solving” comes to mind.

(Head of KT Education, DX Team Section Chief Sang-woo Choi)

The Elice education content team created the coding task, which was unique and unexpected, but it was also refreshing because it required more than just logical and straightforward thinking abilities.

A topic that encourages humanistic thinking

Q. Elice Education stated that humanities made up the majority of its curriculum, but why did you believe that?

Section Chief Sang-woo Choi: Since the humanities are eventually vital, defining diverse problems in reality is the ultimate goal of coding, which makes it highly important. It is challenging to enhance one’s proficiency in these humanities, and it is challenging to influence an individual’s proficiency or experience. The elementary school dilemma, in my opinion, is essentially a description of how humanities are developed.

The question was also taken into consideration. As an elementary school teacher, I found that it was not difficult to assist students in appreciating sophisticated talent and that it is beneficial to develop human beings who possess practical abilities in the humanities.

Training and evaluation, as well as online resolution, are all available at the same time

Q. KT was administered online for primary school assessments, but were there any issues you encountered? If you are able to take advantage of the Elice platform, do let me know.

Section Chief Sang-woo Choi: Elice’s platform was able to conclude smoothly and without any issues. Furthermore, it was able to understand the application’s test status as well as the administrator’s and administrator’s scores, and the administrator could verify scores. I was concerned since there were more than 300–400 concurrent users and I had performed more than ten coding tests in the previous two years. Despite this, the Elice platform offered a rather reliable testing environment, which helped us complete successfully and without any issues. Even better, the manager’s dashboard allowed them to monitor the test’s progress in real-time during it, and the test’s automatic scoring allowed them to verify the results together when it was over. I, therefore, believed that it was a methodical and effective platform that allowed the education coordinator to instantly review the exam procedure and outcomes.

▲ Online DT education center / Preparing to register / Coding challenge Lv.2

One of the benefits of the Elice platform was that it allowed KT employees to simply listen to lectures at any time and from any location where they could access classes. It was best to provide a PC and mobile environment if you connect to the internet without a sophisticated coding environment. Actually, the most challenging missionaries are those who work in coding environments, which are inherently complex, challenging, and convoluted even before the processing phase begins.

An additional benefit was that, in the event that I became stalled during coding practice, I could use the Elice Help Center chat feature to ask questions and get answers. Elice is the only website that offers real-time online feedback from qualified tutors along with code practice platforms, even if you search for other online coding platforms.

Employees of Elice who have a sense of educational ownership

Q. I mentioned that there were a lot of impressive portions and the education, but could you elaborate on what exactly was impressive?

Section Chief Sang-woo Choi: The Elice platform was further enhanced by the enthusiastic demeanor of Elice executives and staff, whom I had the pleasure of working with for two years. Elice had the impression of being a person who genuinely loved education, and it was admirable to watch him work through the challenges facing the education manager. It is simple to assess educational achievement just through numerical measures, therefore in my capacity as corporate education manager, I was appreciative of Elice’s staff members’ consideration of the essence of education, accountability for the trainees, and attention to detail.

So, the image that comes to me when I think of Elice is the “100-point rabbit” that shows up after I finish a task on the Elice platform. The executives and employees who are pursuing education resemble a “100-point rabbit” supporting the training program.

Only the essential topics are covered in the curriculum

Q. You stated that your educational effectiveness and satisfaction had increased as a result of the Elice platform and curriculum. Could you please clarify? Do you know whether there are any other advantages?

Section Chief Sang-woo Choi: The Elice program, in my opinion, is incredibly organized and effective. From the perspective of the student, you can learn in an engaging way because theory and practice are incorporated in just the correct amounts and what you have learned can be put into practice right away. Many people told me that they could easily integrate coding into their daily lives.

Elice’s academic background served as a valuable incentive for the business. In the future, we will conduct education by diversifying compositional languages, tools, and learning orientations, in response to the growing interest in digital education throughout our time spent teaching with the Elice platform.

Elice has the benefit of being simple to use from the education manager’s point of view. Even beginners need a platform and curriculum to learn easily because the coding challenge program is a long-term education in which non-majors participate and self-directed learning is required. However, Elice was concisely composed of “theory/quiz/practice” without a vast amount of learning, enabling effective education.

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