Korea's First NPU Hackathon, Crafted with Content Production Skills and Operational Expertise

Korea's First NPU Hackathon, Crafted with Content Production Skills and Operational Expertise




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Hosting a hackathon to promote and enhance awareness of NPU

Korea’s First NPU Hackathon, Crafted with Content Production Skills and Operational Expertise

Are you familiar with the recent trend that has captured the attention of IT professionals in the industry, known as ‘hackathon’? The term ‘hackathon’ is a blend of ‘hacking’ and ‘marathon,’ and it is an event where developers, designers, planners, and others in the software field come together to create a service within a limited time frame. It provides a great opportunity for participants to interact directly with sponsoring brands, leading to enhanced branding, promotional effects, and even the discovery of competitive talents.

Rapidly growing startup ‘FuriosaAI’ has also turned its attention to a hackathon tailored to its corporate characteristics. FuriosaAI is a semiconductor fabless startup specializing in designing high-performance NPUs (Neural Processing Units) optimized for deep learning.

FuriosaAI, NPU, Warboy, hackathon, EliceLXP
▲ Furiosa AI

Many individuals, including AI engineers, have yet to explore FuriosaAI's NPU product, Warboy, and the underlying NPU technology itself. To raise awareness about NPU and encourage sharing experiences with 'Warboy,' we sought a breakthrough through a hackathon.

Thus, the first-ever domestic NPU-utilizing Vision AI development hackathon, ‘FURIOSA AI Hackathon,’ was launched. The theme was to experience domestic NPU technology and develop NPU-based AI services. Over 1,000 participants engaged in the competition, including preliminary training, qualifiers, and the final round held at Elice Lab.

A Large-scale Hackathon with 1,000 Participants: Meticulous Planning and Operation Based on Expertise

FuriosaAI teamed up with Elice for its inaugural hackathon. The decision was based on Elice’s accumulated expertise in operating hackathons. From planning to recruitment, execution, and establishing judging criteria, we could confidently entrust them with the entire process.

FuriosaAI, NPU, Warboy, hackathon, EliceLXP
▲ The sequence of events for the FuriosaAI Hackathon

Unlike typical hackathons, we planned pre-event on- and offline Software Development Kit (SDK) education specifically for participants. Recognizing that the effective utilization of the unfamiliar NPU and ‘Warboy’ would be crucial, we designed this educational component.

Participants attended theoretical lectures online and had the opportunity, offline, to witness demonstrations by FuriosaAI engineers and engage in a Q&A session. This approach aimed to enhance participants’ understanding of NPU, ensuring a more meaningful hackathon experience.

Even with meticulous preparation, hackathons, given their offline nature, can encounter unexpected variables. Leveraging the expertise accumulated through numerous hackathons, Elice ensured the stable operation of the event. Many participants appreciated the attention to detail in event operations, including meals and provisions, catering to the constraints on participants who might face mobility challenges during the hackathon.

FuriosaAI, NPU, Warboy, hackathon, EliceLXP
▲ FuriosaAI Hackathon Venue

An Enriched Hackathon Through Tailored Content Development

As it was a hackathon that required not only qualifiers but also pre-event education, content development was crucial to the on-site proceedings. Being the first-ever NPU hackathon in Korea, unprecedented attention to detail was necessary.

Leveraging the rich experience of the Elice content development team in creating educational and evaluative content, tailored theory and practical training materials were developed based on the materials provided by FuriosaAI. Elice also took charge of creating the qualifying round questions, including SDK quizzes, AI modeling, algorithm coding tests, aligning them with the respective positions.

Learning and AI Development Simultaneously with EliceLXP

While the final round takes place offline, a platform for pre-event education, practical training, and preliminary evaluations is also necessary. All these challenges were addressed using EliceLXP.

FuriosaAI, NPU, Warboy, hackathon, EliceLXP
▲ Preliminary SDK Training for the Hackathon conducted on EliceLXP

Pre-event educational lecture content and practice problems were pre-set on EliceLXP, providing participants with easy access. Subsequently, the online preliminary coding test was also conducted on the same platform.

In particular, FuriosaAI aimed to provide all participants with the opportunity for hands-on experience using ‘1 person 1 NPU.’ With Jupyter Notebooks within EliceLXP, participants could receive explanations and immediately execute code related to Warboy chip usage. This unconventional operation was facilitated smoothly.

The ability to utilize a single platform for all educational content and assessments proved particularly fitting for the hackathon format. Since hackathons typically span an extended period, maximizing convenience and maintaining participant engagement are crucial to prevent dropouts.

FuriosaAI, NPU, Warboy, hackathon, EliceLXP
▲ EliceLXP’s Runbox Practice Interface

The actual development during the final round also took place on EliceLXP within EliceCloud. Each team was provided with one instance resource for GPU and NPU, respectively. Creating a personal instance on EliceCloud, participants could easily connect to the server utilizing Warboy for seamless access to the AI development environment.

Successful Hackathon Wrap-up! Creative Outputs and Participant Satisfaction

FuriosaAI, NPU, Warboy, hackathon, EliceLXP
▲ Introduction of the Winning Project ‘Blur AI’

All teams that advanced to the final round showcased creative outcomes illustrating the boundless potential of Vision AI. Various award-winning projects emerged, such as the interactive live streaming service ‘Blur AI,’ which automatically blurs faces using facial recognition technology, and an AI service named ‘Chal-kak, Chal-kak(Click, Click)’ that automatically verifies any damage when renting or returning shared vehicles.

Creating a product within a limited time frame, especially without an in-depth understanding of NPU, posed challenges. However, participants expressed appreciation for the full-time support provided by engineers and organizers from both companies, enabling them to immerse themselves more effectively.

FuriosaAI, NPU, Warboy, hackathon, EliceLXP
▲ Hackathon Review by Minseob Lee, HR Leader at FuriosaAI

FuriosaAI effectively promoted not only products like AI semiconductor chips but also its own brand through the innovative approach of a hackathon. Moving forward, Elice is committed to collaboratively creating successful hackathons by leveraging a stable platform and expertise in planning and operations.

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