Elice Platform, LMS Solution Specialized in Education Business, Ministry of Employment and Labor

Elice Platform, LMS Solution Specialized in Education Business, Ministry of Employment and Labor




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Crowdworks is an AI learning data platform that combines human and artificial intelligence. It is a platform that uses AI innovation to develop new forms of creativity. The Crowdworks approach is built on the idea that people can change the world by changing themselves and by giving data and values the same weight.

Bo-ram Lee, the head of Crowdworks Education Business Division uses Elice Platform’s LMS solution for a variety of cooperative projects, including B2C Academy training, AI data label training for the disabled, and platform worker-specific training.

LMS Solution, Crowdworks Learning System, Education of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Elice Platform, Learning Management System
Bo-ram Lee, Director of Crowdworks Education Business Headquarters

Director Bo-ram Lee stated, “It is recommended to use element LMS solutions based on experience, expertise, and knowledge, in addition to hiring platform workers.”

LMS solutions that are both practical and theoretical

The Ministry of Employment and Labor’s education division must fulfill the rigorous requirements of sophisticated learning time counts and logic, as well as provide real-time data to the ministry, in addition to self-certification (OTP). Even if the government needs a number of features, such as certification, real learning stay time, and learning progress indicators, to stop the illicit supply and demand of public funds, developing them to meet all of the requirements is never simple. No operating environment was as appropriate for the Ministry of Employment and Labor as the Elice platform, despite our investigation into several dozen LMS businesses to develop a Crowdworks Learning System for effective data labeling training.
While many businesses posted videos in the form of pop-ups, Elice was the only one with the newest UI/UX and all the learning management systems required for instruction at the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Director Bo-ram Lee emphasized.
Being the top company for platform worker training trainees, Crowdworks Learning System had to manage multiple trainees in a secure way, link user data organically to transfer data quickly, and even conduct theory and practice simultaneously. Elice expertly handled this technical challenge. The way the system is set up, you can even continue using Crowdworks’ own practice after logging in to Elice. The data is delivered straight to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and the outcomes are shown in the progress rate.

LMS Solution, Crowdworks Learning System, Education of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Elice Platform, Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems with multiple features to support them

Elice supports the establishment of a convenient learning management system with a number of functions. Simple learning, SMS delivery, interlocking, linked, and channel discussion, as well as reports, reports, and more.

“The Elice LMS solution is linked to the practice and LMS among the Crowdworks Learning System, so after the Crowdworks practice is over, the progress rate is immediately transmitted, providing an environment to speed up the next learning,” Soo-sung Lee, the director, remarked. “With the help of these features, we successfully trained over 60,000 users—more than half of all platform employees—in data labeling, with an average completion rate of 92% and a maximum of 94%.

Many data are needed to set up a learning management system. This is due to the fact that we must examine learning data and appropriate responses. For instance, pupils with low progress rates are encouraged to download the required data download function right away for their lessons.
The administrator at Elice has the option to use the sequential learning feature, which prevents students from having to repeat the same session, even in cases where it is required to provide separate parking training to students who miss the training for personal reasons or due to COVID-19.

The relationship between system error and delay

Over the course of two months starting in November of last year, tens of thousands of people took part in the Ministry of Employment and Labor’s platform worker training program for educators. In contrast to other organizations, Elice never encountered system failures or delays, even with rapid student recruitment, thousands of concurrent users, and a high daily user base.

Director Lee said, “We recommended the Elice platform a lot to other companies because it was conducted to enable training of 52,500 people and up to 2,700 people in the first round at the same time for three months.”
Most important CS aspects of employment labor department education are also updated in real-time chat with elementary and deliver opinions to improvement.

LMS Solution, Crowdworks Learning System, Education of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Elice Platform, Learning Management System

Executives and employees throughout the Ministry of Employment and Labor

One of the finest aspects of working with Elice, according to Crowdworks, was the employee in charge. Employment and Labor Ministry said that there were many difficulties during the progress, and employees in charge of elementary.

In addition to administrative support, it was continuously helpful in two aspects of operations and operating support for many issues that occurred. The ability to actively connect with employees and ensure that they have access to all the information required by enterprises was emphasized by Director Bo-ram Lee.

The LMS solution functions are all different for every business, which made it challenging to use purpose-appropriate functions like platform worker training and B2C Academy. However, Elice executives and employees shared effective functions and operational expertise, and they understood the business’s goal.

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