An app that allows students and teachers to learn coding that they both find satisfactory

An app that allows students and teachers to learn coding that they both find satisfactory



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Coding teaching platform designed for public schools

Busan Education Research & Information Institute

Gradually, students are expected to have a basic understanding of coding, as evidenced by the increase of public education information classes and the introduction of required coding education. With the announced adoption of AI digital textbooks starting in 2025, the digital transformation of public education is anticipated to pick up speed. The Busan Education Research & Information Institute similarly felt that education needed to change to keep up with the changing fashion.

An internet platform designed for efficient information instruction in classrooms was the first thing I required. An online platform that allowed for simultaneous practice was crucial because it was impossible to apply information subjects in practice alone through theory study. One issue that arose in the situation when COVID-19 compelled remote learning was that each school’s approach and quality of instruction varied.
However, we lacked the right online platform to address these issues. In order to fulfill the following requirements, Busan Education Research & Information Institute needs a platform.

  1. A tool that lets teachers practice coding and apply it practically in the classroom
  2. A platform with LMS administration features that facilitate effective student learning and progress tracking in condensed class periods.

엘리스LXP, 코딩실습플랫폼, LMS, 부산에듀원, 초등코딩교육
▲ Busan Eduone 2.0 Home Page

By launching the Elice platform, which satisfies each of these criteria, Busan Education Research & Information Institute created “Busan Eduone 2.0.” All elementary, middle, and high school information education programs in Busan can use Busan Eduone 2.0, and each school can administer and modify its own domains, which can be developed in a variety of ways.

엘리스LXP, 코딩실습플랫폼, LMS, 부산에듀원, 초등코딩교육
▲ Why Elice’s platform and content were selected by the Busan Education Research & Information Institute

Elice LXP: a platform for practical application

엘리스LXP, 코딩실습플랫폼, LMS, 부산에듀원, 초등코딩교육
▲ Elice LXP Coding Practice Screen

The Elice platform’s practice feature, which is crucial for teaching coding, is one of the primary reasons the Busan Education Research & Information Institute selected it. Students can apply the theories they learn in the practice window to gain practical programming abilities in addition to studying them. On the platform, you can immediately solve the practical issues found in the real school information textbook.

Elementary school entry practice on Elice LXP

엘리스LXP, 코딩실습플랫폼, LMS, 부산에듀원, 초등코딩교육
▲ Entry Practice Screen on Busan EduOne 2.0

Real-time practice of the entry you learn should be available in elementary school. Open source was installed by Elice LXP in order for the entry to be used with the Busan Eduone 2.0 platform. Furthermore, it translated the material from published textbooks for elementary school students. Using it in public school was unavoidably convenient since it allowed for simultaneous textbook practice on a platform where instruction was provided, eliminating the need for separate enrollment and entrance website access.

Feature of the LMS to make teaching easier

Teachers praised Elice’s Learning Management System (LMS) feature greatly. This is due to the fact that it can not only methodically oversee the educational process but also save educators time by enabling students to monitor their own learning progress, evaluate artificial intelligence, and automatically grade assignments. Since everyone can learn in the same setting and no complicated settings, such as downloading programs separately, are required, it was an ideal platform for educational material.

Ongoing training facilitates the production and management of content

엘리스LXP, 코딩실습플랫폼, LMS, 부산에듀원, 초등코딩교육
▲ Online teacher training conducted at Busan Eduone 2.0

It was also highly accepted that information teachers receive ongoing training. No matter how excellent the platform is, it won’t be of any use if it isn’t used correctly, thus I made multiple attempts to optimize its use by speaking with teachers directly through both online and offline training. We have offered platform instructions, many templates, and markdown tutorials to assist teachers in creating content and practicing themselves, in addition to onboarding, which teaches the various features of the site. When it came to offline training, it also helped to get teachers together to build lecture materials that would have been challenging to produce separately.

From creating and managing offline coding contess

엘리스LXP, 코딩실습플랫폼, LMS, 부산에듀원, 초등코딩교육
▲ The “Summer Coding Festival” offline competition is to take place at the Elice Lab Busan Center

The Busan Education Research & Information Institute held the Summer Coding Festival, in which Elice took part in a coding competition. The goal of the Summer Coding Festival is to foster critical thinking in computers through hands-on experience, as opposed to only serving as a competition. After finishing the pre-training at Busan Eduone 2.0, we participated in an offline coding competition where we had to answer challenges involving computational thinking, block coding, and text coding practice. Elice worked together from problem-solving to operation, which helped the competition come to a successful finish.

High levels of satisfaction among field teachers and students

The ease with which theory instruction may be coordinated with practice and learning on a single platform was expressed by the teachers I interacted with during the training. Students were very interested in the ChatGPT-based AI Help chatbot. The process of asking questions and receiving replies from AI chatbots about the sections they didn’t know generated a lot of fascinating reactions, and it was helpful because they could just ask questions straight on the platform.

With the launch of the Elice platform, the instructors in Busan were able to provide more effective and superior instruction, and students were able to participate in more engaging and hands-on learning opportunities. Visit the following link to discover more about the Elice LXP, which will satisfy educators and students alike.

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