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Establishing an efficient programming learning environment for all students
Establishing an efficient programming learning environment for all students

As the demand for software (SW) skills becomes increasingly essential, coding has been incorporated into higher education curricula in recent years. Many universities have even introduced coding as part of their general education courses. Seoul National University, known for its commitment to nurturing global interdisciplinary talents, is also expanding the scope of coding education. To strengthen software skills, there is a growing trend of students outside of programming-related majors actively utilizing coding. With the increasing demand for programming education across various departments, there arose a need for specialized practical platforms and learning management systems tailored to this context. The uniqueness of coding education made it challenging to support with traditional school Learning Management Systems (LMS). The introduction of EliceLXP provided an ideal solution for Seoul National University, which was seeking an optimized practical platform for the large-scale utilization of coding across the campus. Not only does EliceLXP come equipped with various features tailored for coding exercises, but it also allows all departments within Seoul National University to freely decide on incorporating it into their courses in a credit-based format. Providing all-in-one functionality for large-scale school coding classes The reason for adopting EliceLXP at Seoul National University was the integration of features essential for effective coding studies into a single platform. EliceLXP was actively utilized in the ‘Sensor-Based Spatial Intelligence (SLAM 101)’ course for graduate students in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Seoul National University. In this course, software learning involving sensor data was required, necessitating proficiency in the Python language. Consequently, EliceLXP was employed in the class. Students could watch lecture videos, solve quizzes based on the learned content, and perform Python coding exercises within the platform’s command-line interface (CLI), all seamlessly integrated into a single platform. Furthermore, the ‘credit’ feature proves valuable when introducing the platform on a large scale at the institutional level. Seoul National University, through its Information Technology Services, purchased credits in bulk, allowing various departments interested in utilizing EliceLXP to freely choose and integrate the platform into their courses. 👉 Explore More Features of Elice LXP Convenient Class and Grade Management In the Mechanical Engineering Department’s SLAM 101 course, the convenience of using EliceLXP for both class instruction and grade management was highlighted as a significant advantage. The platform allows for the uniform setup of the same programming environment for all students, and the automatic quiz grading feature greatly reduces the time needed for assessment, making it an ideal fit for coding classes at the university. Moreover, the dashboard provides an overview of students’ lab exercises and quiz scores at a glance, and the ability to download reports in Excel format facilitates easy management of grade data. High Student Satisfaction in a Pleasant Learning Environment Indeed, the satisfaction of students actively engaged in learning is a crucial factor in determining the effectiveness of a learning platform. Students who have experienced Elice LXP expressed appreciation for its convenience, highlighting the stress-free setup of the programming environment. They found it convenient to immediately undertake assignments in an environment where the programming tools were readily available. Moreover, the ability to check grades promptly after submitting practical assignments was well-received. Furthermore, the seamless integration with the campus student system allowed for a smooth transition to EliceLXP without the need for separate logins. Many students found this integration to be a valuable feature, enhancing the overall learning experience. Enhanced Class Participation Through a Specialized Coding Practice Platform In the Seoul National University SLAM 101 course, there was a notable increase in class participation, with the code execution count surpassing 40,000 during a single semester. The ability to transition seamlessly from lecture videos to immediate coding practice allowed students to naturally engage more actively in the class. This not only facilitated meaningful learning experiences for students but also made the teaching process more convenient for the teaching assistants. Seoul National University has adopted and actively utilized Elice LXP to support effective and convenient coding education within the university. If you’re curious to learn more about how EliceLXP can help more students easily develop their software skills, check out the link below! 👉 Explore More Cases of Elice LXP Usage at Korea University 👉 Talk to sales for more information about Elice LXP *Elice owns the copyright to this content, which is protected under copyright law. *Without prior consent, secondary processing and commercial use of the content are prohibited.

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